What's New From Omorovicza?

Without a doubt, my favourites skincare brand has to be Omorovicza. I first discovered their products back in January 2017, and have been pretty much obsessed ever since. Having gone through countless Deep Cleansing Masks and becoming a fully fledged Refining Facial Polisher addict, I couldn't wait to get my mitts on their latest launches.  

The shiny and new launches from Omorivicza are the Acid Fix*, Magic Moisture Mist* and Cashmere Cleanser*. I've been putting all three to the test over the past few weeks, and here's my thoughts (spoiler, they're pretty much all A+):

Cashmere Cleanser
This is called Cashmere with good reason! The texture is so soft and creamy, it's such a lovely sensation when I massage it into my skin in the morning. My skin feels really soft immediately after using, too. I have skin that's on the dry and dehydrated side, and I do struggle to find cleansers that don't leave my skin feeling a bit tight and uncomfortable, even when they have 'hydrating' on the label! I haven't found that with this cleanser, instead, my skin feels really soft, supple and hydrated. It contains calendula extract which is a great anti-inflammatory; apricot kernel oil, which is rich in vitamins (namely A and E), and shea butter, which is of course a great hydrator.

Acid Fix

Using this serum - packed with glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid (among other great ingredients - I'll get to them shortly!) - two or three nights a week has pushed aside my acid toners, cleansers and masks. Honestly, I just haven't found I've needed them since throwing in such a concentrated dose of acids into my routine. If you're unfamiliar with skincare acids, A) fix that: they've totally transformed my skin - even more so after I invested a lot of my energy into learning what they are what they do, and, B) here's a brief run down:

Glycolic: an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), exfoliates and leaves skin looking brighter
Lactic: refines and smoothes skin and targets fine lines/wrinkles 
Salicylic: a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is great for fighting blemishes and promotes skin cell renewal to target hyper pigmentation  

So, in a nutshell, that's what the Acid Fix does. But that's not all: it also contains Australian caviar lime extract which softens, smoothes, and brightens the skin;  sodium hyaluronate to moisturise, and to keep skin supple and radiating youthfulness: Omorovicza's patented Healing Concentrate. So it's a bit of a whopping product, isn't it? I love it because it works. For starters, you can really feel the potency of the acids because your skin does tingle and redden for a few minutes after applying (that's normal for acids). But more importantly, you see the results the morning after. I 100% see brighter skin, reduced pigmentation and all over my complexion looks clearer and smoother. As someone who's biggest skin woe is hyperpigmentation and dullness, this is everything I could want and hope for. This is my current hero product - so it's safe to say I highly recommend.  

Magic Moisture Mist
This is a spin on the 'traditional' spritzes (which, FYI, I've been a fan of for a long time) in that it's not designed to be an extra boost of hydration, this is a liquid moisturiser. Yep - you can skip the heavy greasy creams and opt instead for a light weight, ultra fine mist. What a saviour for Summer time! I personally have been loving using this in place of a cream. There's something a bit more skin thirst quenching about a liquid. Then again, take a look at the ingredients: macadamia nut oil (rich in fatty acids to condition and brighten), rosehip oil (packed with vitamins), sweet almond oil (soothes and strengthens), wheat germ oil (rich in vitamin E and a powerful antioxidant) and, of course, Omorovicza's Healing Concentrate. This has a really nice feeling to it and I have found it to be instantly refreshing and hydrating. After using it a few weeks, I'd say my skin looks less parched and is definitely softer.Since adding all three of these new products to my routine, my skin is the best it's ever been. Not to sound narcissistic, but not only am I comfortable going out without make up on, I actually feel pretty without it. My boyfriend took me out for dinner last week and I dressed nicely, did my hair nicely but  didn't wear a scrap of make up, but my skin was totally clear and actually glowing. I've truly never been in a happier place, skin wise. After a year long struggle with acne (albeit mild - but it's still frustrating and a huge confidence knock to constantly have spots that just won't go) up until about 6 months ago, I finally feel like I've got the skin of my dreams. It's soft, clear, radiant. I'm so pleased. 

Have you tried Omorovicza before? What's your favourite product, or, if you've yet to discover the brand, what's on your wish list? 

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  1. Never heard of this brand before

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  2. I received a sample of this a few months back & loved it!

  3. I have seen these on social media but never bought any..... yet!

  4. Have to be honest never heard of Omorovicza till no, will certainly looking into this brand more

  5. These sound lush - havent tried this brand yet - will be doingsoon

  6. I’ve just come across their products I got a body spritz in a beauty box I received as a free gift and I absolutely love it !! It’s made me want to try other products but they are very expensive- Kali Filsell