June Favourites

 I can't believe how I've abandoned the blog for so long! I've got so many ideas but I've majorly overworked myself when it comes to photography.

I've had back to back photo shoots and piles and piles of editing and scanning! But I'm going to slow down this month and try and find more of a balance. Without further ado, here's a quick run down of what I was loving through June:

Rodin Lipstick Heavenly Hopp
Rodin's lipsticks have such a beautiful satin finish to them that finds a really nice balance between opacity and sheen finish. My favourite colour has to be Heavenly Hopp, it's such a stunning blush nude - you can see a swatch here.

Hourglass Liquid Veil
Not only has this been my go-to for concealer lately - for that minimal and glowy summer look - but it's hands down my favourite complexion product in my stash at the moment. You can see a full review here - although, spoiler alert: it's bloody amazing. 
Speaking of a minimal, glowy summer look - a recent discovery for me is this BB cream from Bali Body. I'm always a bit skeptical towards BB creams because I'm more of a CC cream and concealer kind of girl; in my experience, BB creams tend to me drier and the shade range is always ghastly. The lightest shade from this Bali Body offering, however, has a beautiful lightweight texture, and is easy to blend to a fresh, luminous finish. It's really comfortable to wear and lasts all day, and just generally gets the job done. It's got impressive coverage for a BB cream so not only does it get rid of unwanted redness/sallowness, but it does cover some hyper pigmentation, too. 
This blush is the perfect bright pop of colour to complete a rosy, summer look. MAC blushes are one of the best, in my opinion! Really nice and pigmented and so easy to blend. 

This is the perfect bronze-y shade for a glistening, beachy summer eye look. I'm a bit obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury's cream shadow formula at the moment, too - it's so beautiful to build up and to blend. You can put this on a fluffy brush and wash it all over the lid for a sheer, flattering tint. You can't go wrong with a good cream shadow in the summer time, they're so quick and versatile. A swatch of this one in particular can be found here

I have a lot of acids in my skincare routine to target hyper pigmentation (thanks to a year of acne at age 18 - and my picking at it) and this is probably the strongest it gets. I only use it twice a week, three at a push - but it makes the biggest difference, I have to say. With my time of the month just around the corner, I had a couple of spots crop up and I did squeeze them (when they were ready!). Applying this that evening stung like a bitch, but made the mark left over from the spot reduce and fade significantly overnight, and it recovered quicker overall, too. Spots aside - i.e when I use this the other 3 weeks in a month - this noticeably brightens the complexion overnight and I'm really impressed with what it's done to hyper pigmentation and dullness. I've bought two back ups of this - I think that says it all! 

I bought a little travel size bottle of this here from Chemist.co.uk to test, and I will most definitely be buying a full sized hair oil soon! I'm obsessed. It makes my hair feel so much softer and look shiny, without looking greasy. 

So, to finish - sorry for the crap pictures. I had my laptop break and have been switching between my desktop and my laptop (now that I've got it back, £200 later...) - the transfer majorly butchered the quality. But to be honest they were a bit crap and rushed anyway, like I said - I've been busy! 

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