NEW Benefit Hello Happy Foundation Review

So this foundation may not be the newest launch - although, to be fair, in the beauty industry the new launches just don't seem to stop. I actually bought this the day it came out, but I've only just got round to actually writing up my thoughts.

First and foremost, I have to be honest that if full coverage is what you look for in a foundation, this isn't the one for you. That being said, the sheer-medium coverage is very impressive. I am usually a full coverage bitch, but now that my skin has calmed down, I'm much happier reaching for foundations that offer less. I've found that 'sheer/medium' foundations are really hit and miss for me, sometimes they still effectively cover what I want hidden, namely some hyper pigmentation, and other times they're nothing more than a tinted moisturiser (despite claiming to have offer some coverage). The new Hello Happy Foundation from Benefit fits into the former category. 
This foundation really emulates skin, it melts in seamlessly so that little things like freckles are still peeping through, but perfects the unsightly bits. It works really well to even skin tone, covering dullness, mild redness and pigmentation very well. I find it blurs pores and texture, achieving a flawless and even, but natural looking finish. Benefit describe this product as a "soft blur" foundation, and I would say that that's absolutely spot on. This really does kind of 'filter' over uneven skin tone, in a way that I've never seen a foundation any less than 'medium to full' coverage do. More impressively, you really don't need a lot of product to achieve that, either, so you can still reap the benefits of it's light weight consistency by being able to cover what you want without layering it. 
 Benefit also claim this is has a "natural matte" finish. I think that's fair to say, it has a subtle, natural looking radiance to it but it's definitely not dewy. I don't have oily skin though so I can't attest to how well it mattifies, as such. What I can confirm is that this does hold up all day, even in really hot weather - this is absolutely sweat proof, in my experience. I was at work wearing this when I was absolutely sweating buckets, I nipped to the loo expecting to be greeted by a greasy, half melted made up face in the mirror, but to my surprise, I didn't even need to blot. It just stayed put! 
I can't say I've tried any other Benefit foundations but I can absolutely say that they have nailed it with this one. It's long wearing, light weight, has an absolutely stunning satin skin-like finish with really impressive coverage, as far as less than full coverage foundations go. This really gets the job done in terms of perfecting the skin!

Have you tried this yet? If not, Benefit do mini versions so you can try it first without committing to buying it full size. Shop the mini here.

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  1. I've been dying to try some The Benefit products!

    Candice |

  2. I've heard some mixed opinions on this, but glad to hear you love it! It seems like a perfect foundation for Summer, so it's a bit of shame they released it towards the end of the season xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. I have been thinking about buying this foundation, and think your review had just convinced me! I have tried the Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation, and it sounds similar to this, but the lightest shade of that is still too dark for me! Hopefully this one has a better shade range!

    Rachel || Https://