August Beauty Favourites

It's September! Which means it's close to my 22nd Birthday (on the 8th September), nearly time to go back to Uni, and I can practically smell the crisp Autumnal days! But right now, I'm here to share my August beauty favourites. 

This has been my go-to for bronzing at the moment. It's a bit smaller than the bronzer brush I used to reach for, and the shape is a lot more 'pinched' rather than fluffy. But it applies bronzer really beautifully, it makes powder looks soft and defused. The smaller shape also means I can apply it more precisely (so is also perfect for contouring) and it's much easier to build product. 
This dreamy (pun intended) fragrance with lavender and chamomile is absolutely devine. I find it a really relaxing ritual of an evening before bed, and I do actually think it helps me sleep deeper. 

If you're anything like me, you'd have seen the word 'mousse' and had flashbacks to using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse circa 2010, and I think we can all agree, that wasn't pretty. Dior's Perfect Mousse foundation is really interesting though. The formula and texture is really different. It's very whipped, and my beauty blender just soaks it up and a brush practically eats it. This one requires finger blending. But the results are beautiful! This is a sheer coverage foundation that glides onto the skin and sits beautifully. Whilst it doesn't offer that much coverage so won't do much in the way of blemishes etc, it really smoothes over any texture. It makes your skin look flawless; as in, it doesn't look like make up, it looks like skin. But the best version of your skin.This foundation has a matte finish, but it's a really soft matte - almost like a soft focus filter - not a drying, cake-y matte. It lasts all day, too! Whilst this foundation is definitely reserved for 'good skin days' (which are more and more common these days, thankfully - I hope it stays that way, touch wood), I am a big fan of it. 
Speaking of mattifying, another great option for areas prone to shine is the Blurring Primer from Cover FX. It has to be my favourite primer for my T zone! It has a really silky smooth, flawless finish that blurs pores, texture and shine. I really like it, and would recommend it to anybody concerned with their T-zone.  

Completely opposite,  I also love a good facial oil, and I'm currently reaching for Rodin's Luxury Face Oil a hell of a lot. It's has the most beautiful feel to it, it's so soft, and makes your skin feel really soft too. I love how gentle it is, it feels so nourishing and it's a real treat for my skin. Whenever I apply this oil overnight, my skin just looks really healthy and happy the next day. I find that this really gives a beautiful glow, and almost a 'bounce' to my complexion. It's just a really lovely product that I know I can trust to leave my skin feeling great. 
Tarte Life of the Party Palette
Okay, this is a bit of a bonus one because it's no longer available (sorry!).  But I've been using this so much lately that I couldn't not mention it. This is a rediscovery from my collection, and was part of Tarte's 2015 holiday collection. I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking it too: 2015? Time to go in the bin. For a chance to reminisce, I had a little play with it before I threw it out - or that was my intention. But powders just age better than cream products, don't they? The pigmentation was still there, the powders felt smooth and soft and were easy to blend. I saw no reason to throw this out. This palette is a bloody beauty and is totally underrated. I'm pretty sure the shades in this palette were exclusive to this collection, but Tarte needs to come out with them permanently! I swear Social Butterfly is my favourite bronzer, and that gleaming pink highlight is so glowy it makes you look wet (in the best way!). 

What were you loving in August?

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