Bobbi Brown Skincare: My Picks & Thoughts

Over the past year, Bobbi Brown products have made their way into my skincare routine. I've tried quite a lot of the brands skin loving offerings: serums, cleansers, masks - the lot really! 
Stand Out Ingredients: 
Orange Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Glycerides 
My Favourite For When: My skin is feeling very dry 
This gigantic (200ml) tub of cleanser is like a dream come true. It's not a solid oil, it's like a thick, whipped, balm - it doesn't have a lot of slip to touch when it's room temperature, but it melts when it makes contact with your skin. It doesn't melt into a milk or a straight up oil (as I have experienced with other oil-based balm cleansers), but it melts into a thick, luxurious wash. It feels like it coats the skin to deeply condition it, and washes off to leave my skin feeling totally comfortable and nourished.  I have never used it as an overnight treatment, but you can leave it on overnight if you feel you need to.  
Stand Out Ingredients: 
Cucumber, Chamomile, Aloe, Vitamin B
My Favourite For When: My skin needs to be calmed 
I love this toner, it's very gentle, and, perhaps it's psychological because of this products watery consistency and appearance, but I really feel that it instantly quenches my skins thirst. This is my go-to when I've gone a bit overboard on acids and my skin just needs some TLC. On acid-ing days, I also like to apply this over the top of an acid toner for some extra hydration.
Stand Out Ingredients: 
Vitamin C, Olive Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil 
My Favourite For When: I want straight forward skincare, no overzealous claims 
This is my no-nonsense serum. I use this when I want a serum that's just going to nourish my skin, not promise to preserve youth, make my skin as bouncy as silly putty and make that stubborn patch of pigmentation from the break out of 2013 finally go away. Even when my skin is irritated, I know I can trust this serum to just make my skin look and feel good. And when my skin is already on it's best behaviour, I love this extra lightweight, milky serum even more; my skin feels lovely and soft and hydrated.

Stand Out Ingredients: 
Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil 
My Favourite For When: My skin is very dry 
Bobbi serum number 2 in my collection, and my favourite; it's very creamy, but still light weight and absorbs into the skin very quickly. This is my go-to solution if I'm having a very dry, dehydrated skin crisis! It rids any feelings of dry/tightness and discomfort instantly, and makes my skin look less dull.  It also smells amazing!   

Stand Out Ingredients: 
Walnut grains, Algae, Sodium Hyaluronate, Kaolin Clay 
My Favourite For When: I need to exfoliate  
I adore this exfoliating mask. It's a creamy clay formula that also contains walnut grains for a delicate scrub effect. It's like a combination between a detox mask and exfoliant! It feels really refreshing and doesn't feel drying at all. I love the gentle exfoliation you get as you wash it off, it's not rough or abrasive at all, it's just a nice buffing sensation! 
Stand Out Ingredients: 
Algae, Muru Muru Butter, Coral Grass
My Favourite For When: I need a pamper   
Last but not least is the ultra soft Nourish Mask. This is another one of my favourite 'no nonsense products', because it's a really nice pampering fix for dry skin. 

All of these products I simply adore, and have been absolute staples in my routine for - as I began this post by saying - quite a while now. Another favourite thing about Bobbi Brown's skincare line is that they all (or most - I'm pretty sure all of the ones mentioned here, anyway) have long shelf lives of 2 years, which is whopping when compared to skincare products from other brands.

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The only downside to all of this is that these products are quite expensive. It's not that I don't love them, or believe that they're not formulated with high quality ingredients and backed by science. It's just a feels a little odd paying so much money for skincare products from primarily a make up brand. It feels right to pay steep prices from actual skincare-centric brands, which are dermatologist led and brand themselves on their science, but I just don't think the same applies to Bobbi Brown. Like I say, I really am in love with these products and will probably repurchase all of these when they run out, but I do think the price point is a little inflated. But with that being said, in their own right, I recommend this products whole heartedly. However, baring in mind the price range, if you're on a budget, perhaps approach with caution.

Have you ever tried any Bobbi Brown skincare products before?

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