New Too Faced Store at Bluewater!

On Wednesday, I headed up to my local shopping centre, Bluewater, to visit the new Too Faced store. I can be found at Bluewater embarrassingly often - so how exciting was it that one of my favourite brands was going to have a store locally?!
Whilst obviously the brand is available online, there's nothing quite like being able to shop up close, is there? Especially when it comes to make up, and you're able to see all the colours, and swatch them, etc. 
The store is a very small store, I'd say it's probably only about 10ft wide; it was absolutely jam packed. I know Too Faced is popular, but bloody hell, it was so busy! I thought it wouldn't be so bad seeing as it's a week day. Some of the staff told me that people were queueing up outside at 6am! That's mental. You literally couldn't move in there, unfortunately. I would have loved to have stayed and browsed a little longer, but it was so cramped it was getting stuffy. I did however, manage to pick up a few bits:
I've been after the Gingerbread Palette for ages and everywhere seems to be sold out already! I'm so happy I managed to buy it. I also bought a new shade of Peach Kiss Lipstick: Undercover Lover; and, finally, I picked up the Tutti Frutti It's Bananas Setting Powder.

I did manage to get a good look at the Christmas sets, which are now firmly on my wish list. I'll probably pop up there during the week some time, hopefully when the store has quietened down a little. They do have some offers going on throughout the next few weeks: 

Throughout October:
Raffles, with a chance to win a grand prize 
19th October: 
Mascara swap - first 100 customers to bring in an old tube of mascara will get a free full sized Better Than Sex 
2nd & 3rd November: 
Personalise your Better Than Sex or Born This Way products at an engraving station 

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  1. How exciting! I'm not sure I've ever seen an actual Too Faced Store!!

    Lucy |