Some Percy & Reed Picks & Thoughts

As you may recall me saying not that long ago, I've been trying to be more invested in looking after my hair. I'm currently working my way through some Percy & Reed products, and wanted to share my thoughts on them with you. 

What I like about this dry shampoo the most is that it doesn't give you a completely matte finish. Whilst there definitely is a time and a place for tousled matte locks, I do like my hair to shine as a general rule. This dry shampoo seems to quell the appearance of grease without completely knocking the shine out of it. Plus, it truly is invisible, no white residue etc. It doesn't even have a powder-y aspect to it. 

I started off loving this product. The premise is that it's a one step cleanser; an upmarket 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, basically. I found, at first, that taking out the heavy conditioner meant my usually wavy hair air dried super curly. I loved it! The directions said that your hair might need time to get used to only having one cleansing step, and to give it three uses to give your hair washing habits a chance to 're set'. However, I found that the more I used it, the greasier my hair ended up looking. It was almost like I wasn't washing the product out properly. I convinced myself this was the problem and actually jumped back in the shower a couple of times after fully drying my hair, and it still looked greasy after a second rinse (and I was thorough in the first place!). But sadly, it was just this product. I'm not sure if it just especially clung to my hair and I couldn't wash it out properly, or if it just made my hair look so shiny it looked sticky and wet? I asked my hair dresser for advice and she said I might be using too much product, but even when I used less than the recommended amount, I got the same unsightly results. So I'm really sad about this one, but it's a pass from me!
I'm in love with this hair mask. I actually thought hair masks were a fad until I fell in love with my first hair mask, and this one is my favourite to date. I'm still using it sparingly, and tend to use it when I'm prepping my hair for a special occasion like a night out. This makes my hair so soft! It just makes my hair look in 10x better condition than it was before, and it really does feel very luxurious to use. Plus, it comes with a shower cap which you're supposed to wear over the top of the mask, to create heat over your scalp, which helps the product sink into your hair cuticle better. They're also just very handy to have, aren't they? I think shower caps really are unsung heroes, especially for those of us with a lot of hair!

I saved the best 'til last because the oil is absolutely sensational. It just makes my hair feel smooth and soft and look so healthy. I've been getting so many compliments about my hair lately and I truly think it's all down to using this! It sinks into my hair really well and doesn't leave a greasy film or any unwanted excess oil, which is always a worry when putting oil on my head!  Over all I have to say I do love Percy & Reed. An added bonus is that the packaging is just utterly adorable, isn't it? It's such a shame the Cleanse & Nourish didn't work out for me!

Have you tried anything from Percy & Reed? 

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