November Beauty Favourites

This time of the year, purchases for myself are few and far between. My boyfriends birthday is the end of November, plus Christmas coming up, means that my funds are all pretty much allocated to gifts. So for me, the last couple of months tend to be about re-visiting and re-discovering old favourites.

I think that this post will definitely reflect that. A lot of these products are rediscoveries!

I won't talk about this too much because I reviewed it so recently here, but I love how soft this makes my hair feel, and how shiny it makes it look! This is my current favourite haircare product, full stop. 
I've re-fallen in love with this beautiful, aromatic cleanser. It smells incredible; of bergamot, rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus. As for formula, it's very creamy, luscious and rich. It's lovely and thick but sinks into the skin really quickly so it doesn't feel heavy or waxy. This one is lovely and easy to wash off - it's designed to be absorbed rather than rinsed off like you may typically expect, so a quick once-over with a slightly damp flannel and you're good to go. There's no foaming or lathering etc, your skin just soaks it up and I know mine loves it. My skin always feels exceptionally soft and smooth after a day or two of using this! 

Another re-discovery! This has the perfect coverage I need at the moment. It's full enough to effortlessly cover hyper pigmentation, but skin-like enough to still let moles peep through. It looks like skin. It's really buildable but still is nice and light, too. This is a foundation that I am comfortable touching my face with when I'm wearing it. I don't hesitate to satiate a nose itch, because I know this stays put!
This has a lovely 'bouncy' formula, which I do realise is an odd way to describe a liquid! But it's like a liquid-cream hybrid. It's got a nice thick formula, but it isn't heavy at all. The colour is lovely and opaque, it covers dark circles etc perfectly. I have found that it stays in place all day, it doesn't move around or look cake-y. This is a really lovely concealer, that offers high coverage without having to pile it on. I'm really enjoying this! 

I think I may have found my new favourite setting powder! This isn't as finely milled to touch as others, but once it's applied to the skin it melts in and looks like a velvet-y smooth blanket. It really does blur pores and texture, and just sits on the skin beautifully. Plus, the yellow tone is perfect for brightening up the under eye area, but in a way that enhances natural highlights and contours, rather than looks like an unnatural sculpt. 
I am obsessed with this stunning, uber flattering classic nude shade. The Too Faced Peach Kiss lipstick is probably up there as being one of my top favourite lipstick formulas in general. It's like crushed velvet, and it's so silky smooth and applies absolutely beautifully. It's got so much glide to it, and it's got an almost blurred, diffused matte formula. You can check out swatches here. Plus, I swear this stuff is budge proof! 

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  1. I love Flawless Fusion. I have dry skin so I was a little hesitant but it never fails to look amazing! x