Too Faced Tutti Frutti Collection Review & Swatches

Too Faced's Tutti Frutti collection is here to give you all the Summer, vibrant feels. I do realise it's December, but sometimes a pop of fun colour is just what's needed!

Plus, theme aside, there's actually some great products in this collection (and some not so great ones. More on that shortly...)
I am a big fan of these liquid shadows. They're really pretty, high shine and sparkly, and I've found that they're very long wearing and don't crease or crumble. My favourite thing about them is how versatile they are. Because it's glitter suspended in metallic liquid, you can spread it out thinly for a wash of shimmer over the lids, or apply a thicker layer for a glam glittery look. The only thing I will say is that there is definitely some inconsistency in the formula across the shades. The glitter is chunkier in some; the liquid is thicker in others - etc. 

It's Bananas Brightening Setting Powder 
This has to be my favourite product from the collection. I am a big fan of brightening powders in general, but this one is lovely - much better (softer and finer) than the other iconic 'banana' powder. You know which one I mean! I use this lightly under my eyes and it makes such a big difference, it kind of lifts everything up and makes your whole face look beautifully lit. It doesn't sink into fine lines or grab etc. It's a gorgeous powder and I love that Too Faced has played on the banana aspect - it's banana scented too, just to top off the adorable packaging!

Juicy Fruit Lip Glaze
I'm falling more and more in love with gloss and lacquers by the day. These aren't too sticky and the actual colour is so saturated and pigmented! They have tiny micro shimmer particles in them, not enough to make the shade metallic, but just enough to add an extra shiny 'juicy' element. It's really pretty!

Dew You Foundation
This is where the collection falls short of my expectations. I had high hopes because the front of the packaging proclaims to offer everything I could want in a foundation: full coverage, dewy finish, and a hydrating formula with watermelon and cucumber. You can definitely smell the fruity formulation, but full coverage? Absolutely not. I tried this when I was having a good skin day, and it was fine. 
But a full coverage foundation should, in theory, be perfect for a bad skin day; when I applied this over the reddish brown mark of a recently squeezed spot, it just looked pathetic and milky, and broke up around the textured patch of skin. It didn't offer any coverage for anything that actually needed coverage. As for the dewy finish and hydrating formula, I was shocked to find that it actually had quite a matte finish and after a few hours wear did that horrible dry thing where it kind of breaks up, and looks kind of powdery and.. yeah, not good. I wouldn't recommend this! 

If a dewy glow is your thing, I would recommend these.  These are glittery highlighters, so be wary if glitter isn't your thing, although I'd say there's definitely a time and a place for a good glittery highlight! And these are brilliant. The glitter is really fine so it's like a hint of glitter amongst a stunning, bright highlight. The formula is very watery thin so you can build up how much you want, as well as mix it into your foundation, or use it as a primer. The watery formula also made them extremely hard to swatch (just kind of looked like I'd gargled glitter then spat on my hand), so I apologise that you'll have to take my word on how stunning these are! I find these these look really flattering and blend really beautifully - don't be intimidated by the glitter, it's not too intense and is very wearable! 

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