Trends I Just Don't Follow

My blog name: modishrambling. If you didn't already know, 'modish' means what is current and fashionable; thus this is supposed to be my 'ramblings' on what's popular! Rather counter intuitively, I thought I'd share trends that I'm just not that into.

It's not so much that I don't understand them, rather I just haven't joined in with them, and I don't think I ever will: 

Podcasts have boomed in popularity recently, with a lot of people I follow on Twitter favouring to pass their commute by listening to their faves chatting away. I'm just...not that into it. The only one I've listened to is the hilarious My Dad Wrote a Porno, and I've tried to get into others that, in theory, should be right up my alley - feminist podcasts, podcasts by make up artists about make up, podcasts featuring bloggers etc... I just find the casual chatty format too boring. Sorry!

Highlighting the Tip of the Nose 
I'm just going to say it: it looks abnormal. I'm all for a dazzling cheek bone but looking like you've pressed your nose up to a frosty window is just not the look for me!
Bullet Journalling 
I wish I was the artsy type who could whack an ~ aesthetic ~ doodle onto a page, but I'm just not. How anybody has the talent or patience to perfectly craft an illustrated to-do list is beyond me. However, for Christmas I got this 365 Journal, which kind of does it for me! Much better for quick notes on my day, with minimum effort required.

Gin & Tonic
I work in a restaurant and bar, trust me when I say that G&T is so trendy right now. Hendricks, Bathtub, Edinburgh Gin and oh so many more.  Despite their fancy bottles I'm quite happy with some girly pink gin accompanied by lemonade, because tonic water is gross. Like, objectively, it's gross.

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  1. Podcasts about Beauty and stuff definitely don't interest me. I would rather watch a YouTube video. BUT I LOVE podcasts that inspire me. I'm a Christian so I listen to a lot of Bible Studies but I also listen to talks on every topics like relationships, productivity, motivation etc. It's a great way to start or end your day in a positive way.


  2. I'm with you on highlighting your nose & gin & tonic. I've never tried bullet journals but I'm *trying* to give podcasts a go. Let's see how long that lasts haha.

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