Benefit Roller Liner Review

Following on from the success of Benefit's Roller Lash - quite rightly too, it's one of my favourite mascaras! - see's their new launch, the Roller Liner.

A felt tip style liquid liner with a matte finish, to line your lids "effortlessly in one easy sweep to create smooth, continuous lines for a make up look as dramatic as desired". It claims to offer "ultimate control" and be smudge, flake and fade free. 
I'm in love with the formula, it really is so smooth and it dries nice and quickly so there's no desperately trying not to blink while it dries. I like the final look of it, it's completely opaque and I love the matte finish, and it stays that way all day. It doesn't flake or rub off, surprisingly even when my eyes were quite watery one day.  
It's the applicator that I have issue with, and I tend to get on well with felt tip liners. Whilst the tip of the Roller Liner is thin, which makes lining the inner corner is really easy, it's just a little too long and not firm enough for my preference. I don't feel like I have the "ultimate control" Benefit claims I should have, especially when getting the precise, angled flick. The tip of the wing is where it gets tricky with the long applicator, and baring in mind I've been wearing winged liner since around 2010. I find I'm constantly having to go over it or neaten it up with a Q tip, a problem I don't typically encounter with shorter brushes or with firmer eye liners, when I can put a bit more pressure on to get my flick nice and precise! 

So that being said, it's not like I'm going to discard it. The applicator could definitely use some improvement in my opinion, but I'll use it until it dries up, although after that I probably won't repurchase unless Benefit make some changes to the felt tip. The formula is great, so it's a shame this product didn't 100% work out for me!

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