AD | How to Wake Up Ready for the Day Ahead (+Giveaway!)

Waking up ready for the day ahead starts with a good nights sleep. I've teamed up with Kalms* to give you some tips for creating the perfect sleep retreat. 

Modern life consists of hectic schedules. I for one am juggling being at law school full time, waitressing in the evenings, and taking on freelance clients as a photographer here and there, too! As a generation, our sleeping habits are left to the bottom of our proprieties. But poor or lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain, heart disease and depression. 

Turning your room into a sleep haven and sticking to a positive sleep routine can help with your overall health and leave you feeling ready for the day ahead. 

Here are ten simple tips to help create the perfect sleeping sanctuary and ensure you have a restful night’s sleep: 

Make sure your bedroom is clean and tidy 
Piles of dirty washing and unwashed dishes can make your bedroom a messy, unhygienic and an unrelaxing environment. Keeping a clean bedroom can help declutter your mind and help you drift off peacefully

Turn the phone on airplane mode 
Make sure your phone isn't going to disturb you in the night. Or if you're a social media addict, turning your phone onto airplane mode will help you resist the urge to have one last scroll through Instagram (cough, spending an hour on the explore page watching clickbait make up videos!).
Try a traditional herbal remedy 
Valerian root found in Kalms Night, has been used for centuries due to its herbal sedative effect ( Drift off to sleep peacefully and #WakeUpReady to face the day. I've personally used Kalms for years, and find them very effective at not only making sure I get off to sleep, but helping me sleep deeply all night. 

Think green 
Research suggests that certain colours can have an impact on our mood. Green and blues are great for bedrooms as they promote nature and tranquillity. 

I love fragrances and think they do have quite an influence on our mood, as well as our bed time habits. I love to spritz a bit of pillow spray, or apply a body cream especially formulated with sending you to sleep in mind! You can read more about what's on my bedside table here

Don't drink too late - even water 
I've made no secret of the fact I have an over active bladder, so maybe this one is more personalised to me more than anybody else. I have to stop drinking fairly early (around 8pm), otherwise I will  more than likely be up several times a night to go to the loo!

Cut the caffeine 
It’s no surprise that caffeine can have a negative impact on the way we sleep. As a general rule, it is best to not consume any caffeine after 3pm.
Wear your favourite nightwear 
Whether you're a PJ girl, just an old tee and knickers or you sleep in your birthday suit, sleep however you're comfortable. When I know I need a good nights sleep, I always wear my favourite super soft pyjamas and a pair of cashmere socks. 

Clear your busy schedule 
Stop working an hour before you go bed and allow yourself some downtime, which will help your mind to relax. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, pick up an interesting book or magazine 

Establish a regular relaxing bedtime routine 
Sticking to a regular nightly routine can aid a refreshing night’s sleep. Try having a shower or bath before going to bed. The warm water can relax your muscles and help you to drift off peacefully when going to sleep. 

If you try to address your sleeping problems but your symptoms persist beyond 3-4 weeks, you should consult a doctor to check whether there may be an underlying cause for your sleep problems. 

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* Disclaimer: this is a paid feature in collaboration with Kalms. 

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