February Beauty Favourites | Skincare, haircare & fragrance

Just a quick post to give you an update on a handful of products I've been consistently loving lately! No make up - surprisingly!

Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose
This is my new every day perfume! I love it for this time of year: it's not winter anymore, when I'd typically opt for spicy, musky fragrance, but it's not yet Spring/Summer, where I'd be reaching for more floral scents. It hits that middle ground perfectly. It starts off really sweet, but dries to being soft and subtle. The notes in this fragrance is obviously rose, embedded in neroli, orange flower and cedar wood. 
This is a beautifully lush, creamy cleanser. The texture is really fluffy and light, it feels super soft and soothing, especially on irritated skin - and trust me, I've been there! This has been an absolute God send for my combination skin, it's really helped to calm my oily, acne prone areas, but without causing irritation and dryness to the dryer portion of my face. You get quite a hefty tube too, so I'd say this product is good value for money! 

Being only 22, eye creams aren't at the top of my list yet, but I like to make sure I use one as a preventative measure, but also to address issues like under eye dryness, dark circles and crinkles. This has a balm texture rather than a traditional cream, which I prefer because it smooths over any crepe-y texture rather than sink in. I was actually taken by surprise just how - for want of a better word - stiff, this cream is, especially when it has the appearance of a rich cream in the tub. 

I opted for this because of the SPF - I wear an SPF every day when I'll be outside more than just walking to and fro my car. I love that it's 'built in' to the moisturiser! I love the consistency of this product, it's not too thick, but it's not like a gel, either. It soothes my dry skin quickly - it feels very hydrating!
Percy and Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery
This instantly became one of my must-have products, because it's such a quick fix for flat, dry, boring hair! I apply it to dry hair at night (when I know I'm going to be washing my hair the next morning) and the texture is instantly like silk! When I wash it out, my goodness, my hair is so soft and bouncy! This really is a 'wonder'!

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