Beauty Favourites for £10 or Less

If I'm honest, I do tend to lean towards luxury beauty products (I mean not too luxury. We're not talking La Mer here), but there's definitely some amazing beauty products with a lower price tag.

My point is, my standards are very high and I'm not afraid to part with my money if it means I'm getting top quality. So if I'm not having to spend that much - less than a tenner, in fact - I think that means it's very, very good.

Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, £3.99*
Burts Bees classic beeswax lip balm is a staple on my vanity, bedside table, hand bag, car... you get the picture! I love it. It's hydrating, nourishing and instantly comforting on chapped lips. Probably my favourite lip balm there is!

Dr Lipp Tint, £6.99
Another lip care product I have to mention, but with a tint and a glossy finish, is this Dr Lipp Tint. I have the Sweet Potato Pigment - which, yes, it does actually contain - a your-lips-but-better pink that's subtle but very pretty. It's my favourite to use for every day natural make up. 
Ever the brow product connoisseur, I am very picky when it comes to my eye brows. I love this brow kit, the dark shades have the perfect pigmentation. They're soft enough to be buildable but not chunky and dusty. The highlight shade is a bit intense but it's very blendable. I fell in love with the wax in the quad, too - I just run my spoolie in it then brush it into my brows. It gives them a very natural glossy look and I think it looks perfect. 

Soap and Glory Skincare is so slept on, in my opinion. It's the hidden gem tucked away in the aisles of Boots! I'm addicted to their Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser. It's a beautifully soft, creamy cleanser that gets rid of any remnants of make up without leaving my face feeling stripped and dry. It's really lovely, no fuss and gets the job done. Also, don't be fooled by the simple looking packaging. It's actually very solid and substantial which was a pleasant surprise considering the price!

This classic product is well deserving of it's reputation. It's got a very thick, balmy texture but is a must have for any one with dry skin. My boyfriend has chronically dry, flaky and sore skin and I give this to him and it works overnight. And he's a stubborn bugger so it must really provide some relief if he actually asks me for 'that green moisturiser'! It's also a miraculous primer for make up and is a must have for when I'm doing make up on other women because it's such a universally brilliant product. 

I was a bit skeptical of this product at first to be completely honest. The unicorn theme and packaging did make me think it was a little childish but the product inside is incredible and to be fair, the packaging is adorable, right? It changes colour - starting as pink and changing to yellow when it's massaged into the skin. It's a clay cleanser so is really good for deep cleaning the pores and it also contains vitamin C, an ingredient which my skin typically struggles with. However I love wash-off Vit C's, this one included, so this is definitely a good high street skincare pick. 
The smaller bottles of Pixi's famous tonics are only £10 and well worth a try. They may look comparatively small next to their larger counterpart but I do get a good months use out of them, if not longer. I've tried Pixi's glow tonic (my daily staple/can't live without/good skin in a bottle), retinol tonic (very gentle and a good retinol pick for us younger folk) and rose tonic (really gentle/hydrating/soothing) and I recommend all three! 
I'm a facial oil fanatic and I'm a big fan of squalane oil, which is light and silky and doesn't irritate my skin at all. The Inkey list has lots of amazing products for lower budgets, it's a brand definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. 

Seoluista Sheet Mask, £7.99
Another pick from my skincare stash is the Correct & Calm sheet mask from Seoulista Beauty. I know sheet masks are a bit like marmite but I personally love them. I love the pampering aspect, and they also feel really nice. Seoluista Beauty has lots of sheet masks to choose from, all under a tenner. I've tried quite a few now and I haven't come across one I haven't liked!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Got to love a beauty bargain, right?

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  1. I've not seen the smaller bottles of the pixi glow tonic and I'm in desperate need to repurchase it! I also love the Burts Bees lipbalms, they are one of my faves x