My Must-Have Percy & Reed Products

I pretty much exclusively use Percy & Reed for my hair care. 99.9% of their products I've tried are so amazing and have made my hair so much easier to style, so I thought I'd break down my absolute must haves:

This miracle in a tube has changed my hair. I mean that: my hair has never looked so bloody good! It looks so shiny and healthy and I feel that I have this Overnight Recovery treatment to thank. It has a gel like texture that I run through my hair one or two evenings a week. It dries pretty quick so if I put it on literally just before getting into bed I don't end up with gunk all over my pillows! After rinsing it out (which isn't difficult, by the way - I just wash my hair as I normally would, no extra rinsing required!) my hair is so soft and shiny and looks extra healthy.

This is the one and only in-shower hair mask I use, because it's the only one I need! Leaving it on for 5 minutes works wonders, and after rinsing it off my hair is slick and tangle free and very manageable even when it's still wet. But most importantly, it leaves my hair with lasting softness and smoothness, without leaving it coated in a sort of film (which I've experienced with some other masks, no matter how long I spend rinsing it off) and without weighing it down - it still has plenty of bounce to it. 
This is the star product in my line up. It can be used as a primer, but is fabulous in it's own right too - it's no surprise that this is a multi-award winner! I use it by starting with my hair in a side part, and putting a pea sized amount of Wonder Balm in each side. If I feel I need to, I'll layer one of the products mentioned below over top - but if I just want to style and go, I'll get straight onto drying. I just feel like even with a little Wonder Balm, my hair is much easier to manage and tame, and seems to dry with a much sleeker and smoother finish. 
This is a fairly recent launch from Percy & Reed, and I'm loving it. It's perfect for unruly hair like mine, it makes it so smooth - a couple of people even asked if I'd straightened my hair! It stays smooth and manageable all day, too - no frizz to be seen!

Wonder Treatment Oil
Last but not least is Percy & Reed's hair oil, a really superb finishing touch. Starting again with my hair in a side parting, I work with my hair in four even sections and smooth a couple of drops of oil in each. Just a little bit of product goes a long way and ensures my hair is super shiny, without looking greasy at all. My hair is also silky to touch and has the most beautiful, effortless bounce to it. If I don't have time to style my hair this is a quick way to make it look pretty and polished.

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Have you tried any Percy & Reed products? What are your must haves?

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  1. I definitely need to try more from Percy and Reed - each of these products sound amazing!

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