My Top Five Pixi Products

I remember first seeing Pixi in my early teens. I had no idea about skincare, really - and barely touched make up. But the pastel green colour of the packaging always stuck in my mind.

It's kind of funny that here I am in my 20s, with Pixi - and that same green packaging - taking up quite a big chunk of my skincare stash. After using Pixi consistently for about 3 years now (if not longer!) I thought it'd be interesting to narrow down my top five products.

1. Rose Cream Cleanser
I'm a huge fan of this because it really is a no-nonsense, gentle yet effective cleanser. It has a gorgeous thick, creamy texture and it feels so luxurious to massage onto my face. It doesn't foam or feel harsh, it turns very soft and milky - it's just a pleasure to use, and a great pick for when my skin is being a bit unpredictable and I need a good all-round product. 

2. Glow Tonic
It practically goes without saying that this product is a holy grail. I'd be shocked if you hadn't already heard of it because of it's cult status and position as one of Pixi's best sellers. It's often copied but seldom matched, no matter how many other acid toners I try, I keep finding my way back to this little beauty - which has only cemented it as a favourite. It's the kind of product that, when I don't use it, I notice it. My skin loses it's glow and pesky little bumps crop up across my cheeks. And when it comes back into regimen, it takes less than a week for my skin to be visibly brighter, clearer and smoother. It's definitely worthy of the hype - especially considering you can buy it from as little as £10. Picture is my litre (yes, litre) bottle of Glow Tonic, which Pixi release only a handful of times a year, so when you see it - get it! It's well worth the investment. 

3. Pixi Peel and Polish
Around once a week when my skin is in need of a bit more of a heavy duty exfoliation, I'll reach for the Pixi Peel and Polish. Unlike other mechanical exfoliants which solely rely on their grainy texture to buff off dead skin cells, the Peel and Polish combines acid and physical exfoliation: formulated with lactic acid and fruit enzymes, and sugar extract to give it the grainy texture, you get a really thorough exfoliation. Plus, it can be used like a scrub on it's own - with just a quick massage on the face and then rinse - or leave it on like a mask for 10 minutes to let the acids really get to work. It does dry down, but once you add water, the sugar loosens up so you can still work up a good buffing motion. I love it! Oh and, just as a side note - the papaya scent is very strong and oh my gosh it is divine. There's something about the smell that's really nostalgic but I can't put my finger on it?!
4. Rose Glow Mist
I use this over make up. Not with holding it in place all day in mind, but to give myself a pretty, summery glow. This mist contains a blend of oils so it does give you a natural, fresh skin looking finish, as well as being genuinely very hydrating and comforting. I love it to give my finished make up look a little 'oomph' whilst not going overboard with actual highlighter/blush etc.

5. Rose Oil Nourishing Face Oil
Finally, the Rose Face Oil is my current night time routine staple. It contains Rosehip, which my skin absolutely loves - it's very soothing! But the oils don't stop there: it also contains Rose Geranium, Jojoba and Sweet Almond. It feels so silky and light, it's such a lovely oil. Baring in mind I've used facial oils that are more than quadruple the price of this one - I do keep finding myself reaching for this. It's lovely - so simple, yet so effectively hydrating.

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What have you tried from Pixi? What are you faves? 

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  1. I so badly want to try their products, have been hearing so many amazing things.

    Candice x