Youtube Channels You Should Know About

I think that it's kind of funny how Youtube is the new TV. Gone are the days - for me at least - of quickly changing the channel in time for your TV show to start, or watching one episode of a series as they're released each week.  

In fact, I barely watch TV anymore. I rarely even watch Netflix. I'm much more interested in watching Youtube - there's such an abundance of content these days! Unlike back in the TV days where you only had the choice of what was on at that moment, you have so much at your fingertips when it comes to Youtube, and with a click of a button you can tailor your own 'TV Guide' - if you will! 

So here are my favourite Youtube channels at the moment, that I think you should definitely know about: 

For all the documentaries, Timeline is my favourite. It's like a catalogue of the best documentaries from BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and PBS. They seem to have uploaded history documentaries to about practically anything - from pirates and slavery to Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ. Whenever I'm bored and just want something interesting to watch, I always go check out Timeline's uploads, I can always find something interesting. 

I've been listening to a guided meditation every night for about 2 months now and I've never slept better. I sleep so deeply after listening to one of Michael Sealey's recordings. I sleep all the way through every night now, which is something I haven't done in a long time. I don't know much about spirituality and chakras etc (although I am very interested in it and have been reading up on it!) but he has a lot of videos catered to that sort of thing too, if you're interested. Definitely check out Michael's channel if you want to practice mindfulness and have trouble sleeping - he has never failed to speak me to sleep in his velvety monotone!

I've no idea how I even came across Lucy's channel, but I'm so glad I did! I binge watched her Beauty Beacons series in one weekend - where she offers beauty tutorials with a historical twist. From replicating historical hairdos to creating an entire look based on a specific historical figure, she's done it all, and in a way that's accessible: she doesn't use complicated tools or products, but rather fairly common things you'd find in a modern day woman's make up bag, or DIY's it out of household items. Not that I have any intention to style myself after Marie Antoinette any time soon, but if you are particularly interested in doing that, or have a fancy dress party or something - this is a really helpful channel. I just watch Lucy for her sheer creativity, how informative she is, and also I love that she's celebrating influential historical women (because let's be honest, women of the past tend not to have a fantastic reputation). 

I feel like Mr Bald's channel has exploded since HBO's Chernobyl series because of how much of the exclusion zone he and his camera have explored.  But he's explored a lot of rugged places in the world in the opposite direction that a typical tourist might travel. Bald goes well off the beaten path and gets up close and personal with the culture and the locals, so you really get feel for the places he's travelled, from small villages in Belarus to loud street markets in India. He's so confident and sociable that he manages to always befriend local people who show him what life is like to live in their part of the world. I can't wait to watch more of Mr Bald's adventures!

What are your favourite Youtube channels to watch?

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