Beauty Favourites Under £10 | Part 2

I previously shared some affordable gems in this post back in April - and I'm back with some more.  I'm actually discovering a tonne of incredible beauty products that are under £10 - so many, in fact, that I may have to make this a regular piece!

Garner Light & Silky SPF30
My favourite SPF for the body has to be this Garnier lotion. It only has a very subtle fragrance which doesn't hang around. It really is 'light and silky', has a lovely slip to it and sinks into the skin beautifully. It doesn't leave a greasy film or leave me feeling slippery - hurray!

YourGoodSkin Anti-Blemish Base Lotion
My skin is break out prone and I've recently been trying to incorporate more salicylic acid (an ingredient which penetrates the skin deeply and unclogs pores, so is good for blemishes) into my skincare as standard rather than just topically onto a spot. So I've been using this very lightweight lotion and I really like it. I have found it effective at clearing blemishes when they appear, smoothing my skin, and it's a nice product in that it sits well under make up and under other products. No greasy or sticky residue etc. It's a little hard to blend out but coming in at £6 I'm honestly not complaining.
Soap & Glory Micellar Water
You get a huge bottle of this delicious micellar water. It smells really fresh: of cucumbers with a hint of watermelon. I always rinse my micellar water off (no matter what brand I use) because they are inherently drying so I'm not going to pander to the marketing claims that it's non-drying, tones, moisturising etc. In my opinion, that's nonsense (always rinse off your micellar water and follow up with a 'proper' skin cleanser). But it does feel nice to use and effectively takes my make up off, which is all I ask for from a micellar. And for less than a fiver you can't really go wrong with that.

Ardell Beauty Wispies Fiber Building Macara*
Ardell is a brand famous for their false eyelashes, but their mascara to amplify your natural lashes is -  in my opinion - drastically underrated. This is a fiber mascara, meaning it contains little fibers within the liquid that hug your natural lashes to make them look thicker. So this is really great for plumping up your eyelashes, as well as giving them a light, natural looking fluffy effect. This mascara is the whole package - it's really effective at lengthening too! The actual formula has a kind of dry texture, which I prefer to more liquid-y mascaras: it doesn't give your lashes a shiny effect, it doesn't clump as much as a typical 'wet' mascara, and it applies so smoothly.

Essence You Better Work! Waterproof Mascara
However, if you're in need of a waterproof mascara, this little Essence number is a great pick. The wand is quite small - which is also curved - so you can get into the little lashes and make them curly and fluffy.  Being waterproof, it obviously has impressive staying power! It's also only 3 quid, which is equally as impressive.

Maybelline Dream Matte Blush
I do find make up you can find in the aisles of Superdrug quite hit or miss to be honest, but these cream blushes from Maybelline are such a hit! Beautiful pigmentation, gorgeous creamy whipped formula, blend like a dream - just brilliant blushes. I would actually say I prefer these to MAC's Cremeblend formula. Definitely take a look at these next time you're out shopping! For swatches, check out this dedicated review of them.
Ardell Stroke a Brow
I've been embracing the natural brow look lately and this brow pen is perfect to fill in sparse areas of my brows, without looking like I've done so. The super precise tip allows me to emulate natural brow hairs. I lightly stroke it in the direction of my natural brow hairs, it has enough pigment to be effective but doesn't look like a marker pen! It's really hard to mess up with this one, it's so light and so easy to be precise. I really recommend this if you love your natural brows, but just want to polish them up a bit!

Do you have any budget recommendations?

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