Coping with Asthma during Hay Fever Season

If you have asthma, you know how horrible it is when your already not-so-good airways are irritated by hay fever when this time of year comes around. I thought I'd share a couple of extra steps I take to manage my asthma during hay fever season. 

I want to add a disclaimer that, obviously, this advice is based purely on my own experience having asthma and hay fever, and is not supposed to be a substitute for actual medical advice. 

Take Anti-Histamines  
I know this is an obvious one, but you may be tempted to not bother because 'just more sneezing' doesn't irritate you that badly. But if you have asthma, it's especially important to be diligent about taking an anti-histamine every day to keep hay fever symptoms including sneezing, coughing and congestion at bay so that it doesn't exacerbate your asthma. I know that for me, a sneezing fit leaves me feeling winded and wheezy - as does obviously the cough and congestion! The anti-histamine in the images is a non-branded equivalent of Piriteze which I bought in Boots for just a couple of pounds. 

Drink Hot Drinks
It may seem counterintuitive to drink a hot beverage when it's warm out, but it's very good for asthmatics. A hot drink relaxes the chest muscles, so if you're feeling a bit tight and wheezy because of the effects of hay fever it can really help provide some relief. 
Remove other Allergens 
Removing other allergens is also something I make a conscious effort to do. I obviously can't avoid hay fever, I can only manage the symptoms - but I can take measures to limit the effects of other triggers for us asthmatics, which is especially important to do this time of year when our asthma is already worsened. I clean my room of dust: actually remove the dust, don't start pulling out desks and drawers without then clearing the dust because that'll only make your asthma worse. Use a hoover to make sure you get rid of as much as possible. Also take other steps like not letting pets sleep in bed with you. 
Again: obviously this isn't a substitute for actual medical advice and you should see your GP if you're suffering with your asthma. 

Do you have any other tips for managing asthma with hay fever symptoms? 

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