Handbag Friendly Beauty: My on-the-go essentials

Are you one of those women that basically lives out of their handbag? Despite the lack of room in my handbag, I actually don't. I only take a handful of essentials with me when I go out, so I thought I'd share my handbag friendly beauty must-haves on the blog! 

I keep them all in a Radley make up pouch (with my initials on, no less!) - they don't seem to do it anymore but they have this one that's similar.  Even though keeping them in the pouch does take up a little more room, I find it much easier to have them all in one place so they're easy to put my hand on when I need them, rather than rummaging around the depths of my bag! 
Starting with an absolute essential: SPF. I pretty much wear SPF every day, and I re-apply during the day too. You do sweat it off. You may often see me slathering on SPF 30+ muttering "I refuse to age" like a mad woman! But really: it is important. It prevents sun damage, pigmentation, ageing, skin cancer... etc. I have a separate SPF 50 that's especially formulated to be worn on the face, which I take out with me if I'm not wearing make up. I keep this mini one in my handbag at all times for the body - but I will use it on my face if I'm in a pinch. 

And when it comes to sun protection - don't forget to protect your lips! I've heard that skin cancer is common on and around the mouth and, whilst it's treatable, it can leave you quite badly scarred. So I always have a lip balm with a sun protection factor on me. 

Hair fragrance is so boujie but I won't lie: I love it. My favourite is definitely Eau My Goodness by Percy & Reed. I keep a mini in my handbag so I can spritz a little on my hair if I need to freshen it up. It's a really clean, subtle rose scent and gives my hair a pretty sun reflective shine. 
Mini Valentino Donna Acqua 
I got this 6ml bottle of fragrance when I bought a full size bottle - so I keep it in my handbag so I can top it up throughout the day. This is one of my favourite fragrances - it's sweet but subtle; it smells of almonds and biscuits. Weird, I know - but it's a really beautiful scent. 

Clearly I love the scent of almonds! I always keep a hand cream in my bag and I'm currently working my way through this miniature tub. It's a really luscious, thick, creamy balm and it instantly soothes any uncomfortable dryness. The scent is very potent - just be warned! 

For on-the-go nail care, I keep this cuticle balm from Burts Bees. I massage the waxy texture into my cuticles to stop them getting dry, and to just generally maintain the health of my nails, because they do tend to be prone to breaking (boo). 

Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme
I use liquid concealer on my face when I'm actually doing my make up, but for touch ups I like to use this cream concealer. It applies really nicely with a fingertip and I don't have any issues using it over powder - so it's a perfect touch up concealer. I mostly tend to use it around my eyes, especially if it's been windy or it's hay fever season and they're watery AF. 

This powder is specifically designed to mattify and control oil. When I'm doing my make up I don't reach specifically for a matte powder - if anything I like luminous powder! But if I'm going to be wearing make up for an extended period of time - like more than 8 hours - I do like to touch up with this powder. It knocks out shine really effectively and helps to quell the oil seeping through foundation after it's been on all day. I use the powder puff it comes with to press it into my T zone, and sweep it across my face with a mini Dior Kabuki Brush (that I think came with a Dior powder I bought at some point). 
I keep this lipstick in my handbag because it's the perfect shade. It's a gorgeous neutral nude that goes with everything, and has a sheen finish so it's like a tinted balm. It just such a good lipstick that I keep it on me if I need a top up that is guaranteed to look good with any other make up or outfit!

What are your on-the-go beauty essentials?

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  1. That mini nivea sun lotion is super cute but also really handy because ive never seen sun lotion in such a small, portable bottle!