Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Review

When I first became enthusiastic about make up, liquid lipsticks were it. No look was complete without a mattified mouth from the thick, opaque pigments of a liquid lipstick.
That trend seems to have come and gone pretty quickly, I have't reached for a liquid lipstick in a long time because even the most comfortable formula is drying by virtue of it's very nature. However, my love of the matte lip is still alive and well! So I wanted to share with you my favourite product for it: 
The texture really is like velvet - it's so incredibly soft and smooth. Obviously they're in a chunky pencil form so you don't need to use a lip liner; they're so easy to apply, the formula is so creamy it just glides onto the lips, without any skipping or grabbing to any dry areas or crinkles. It smoothes over the lips actually, it's a very flattering formula. The finish may be matte, but it certainly doesn't feel how you'd expect a typical matte lip to feel. They're very light weight, I kind of forget I'm wearing lipstick! You actually have a lot of slip, you can quite comfortably rub your lips together with no sticking or starchy resistance. They wear very well - there's no bleeding or smudging, and I haven't noticed any major transferring - you don't get the dreaded transfer to the chin when you're eating like you do with a traditional lipstick! The only thing that disrupts them is oily food.  

I can only sing it's praises, really is one of the best lip products I've come across. I reach for one pretty much every time I wear make up, they're my go to! If you're like me and still love a matte lip but you're totally over the rough, dry formulas - try this little Nars gem, I promise you that you won't regret it!

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