Shepherd Hut Stay with Two Pugs

I love taking my pugs Barney and Betty out with me, they get so excited to go on an adventure even if it's just a ride in the car to go grab a Starbucks! My boyfriend and I decided that once we finished our exams, we'd go away somewhere with 'the kids'! 

We didn't want to go too far because we didn't want them to have to be in the car for too long, so we chose to go to Rye - from where we are near Canterbury, Kent, it's only about an hours drive. So it's far away enough to be a change of scenery, but where we've visited often enough that we know our way around - and what made it a real adventure where we chose to stay! 
We stayed in a Shepherd Hut - called The Hide Out - nestled at the end of a woodland path. I'm so sad I wasn't really able to get a decent photo of the interior, just got unlucky with the timing. We arrived in the afternoon so it was too dark inside, then the next day it was rainy and so overcast it was practically dark! But there's lots of photos on the Extraordinary Huts website
The owner told me that he built The Hide Out (and his other huts) himself, which is just incredible?! They're so unique and expertly refurbished to make the small and cosy interior stylish and refined, yet homely.  The downstairs has a large, comfortable leather sofa, a small kitchen unit with a gas stove, and a log burner front and centre. There's also a wash room and loo which - given the small space - is surprisingly roomy. Upstairs is minimalistic, very crisp and clean yet still with a rustic edge - like the small balcony, which you can reach by crawling through a 'door' no bigger than a window. It's all the little extras as well that made it so special - there were board games on the side, fresh milk in the 'fridge' (a.k.a a cool box outside - for the true glamping experience!), coffee, cocoa and tea ready stocked in the kitchen and directions to the country pub just a 5 minute walk from The Hide Out. 
Outside The Hide Out is a fire pit, a barbecue and some camping chairs. The pugs spent the afternoon exploring around the Hut, they had a lovely time trotting and snuffling. My boyfriend Sam enjoyed chopping the wood for the log burner - what is it with men and tools?! He put the log burner on in the evening before going to bed to warm up the Hut - it worked like a charm, by the time we got under the duvet it was toasty in there! Sam also made a fire outside, and we sat by the fire pit, cup of hot cocoa for me; marshmallows roasting over the fire; a pug on each lap, and Game of Thrones audiobook playing in the background. Bliss! 
The Hide Out itself may be relatively in the middle of nowhere, but it's very close to some really lovely places. Before we checked in, we spent the morning in Rye: a quaint town where independent shops, bakeries and cafes line the cobblestone streets - as well as, of course - the famous historic Mermaid Inn. It's very, very worth a walk around if you ever get the chance! Not too far in the other direction is Hastings - where we had planned to spend our second day, but it was stormy - and Battle. We spent our time exploring the latter, looking and the unique shops there and taking the pugs around the Abbey. 
I would definitely recommend checking out Extraordinary Huts in Rye. The Shepherd Hut is snug and homely, but at the same time, has a sense of adventure to it. There's nothing more we could have asked for, and it was around £100 for the night at the beginning of June, which - for such a quirky place to stay, with free on-site parking, essentials like milk and tea bags provided - is good value. And it couldn't be in a more perfect place, you're close to the coast and one of the most interesting towns I've ever visited!

It's the first time we've ever been glamping, but we've decided to do it more often because it's such a nice thing to do with the pugs! 

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  1. That hut is so cute! It looks like the perfect place to relax and have a staycation.

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ahh I've stayed in a Shepherds Hut before, it was so lovely and cosy! This one looks fab too. But more importantly OMG THOSE PUGS!!!!

    Hannah xxx (