Multi-Tasking Make Up

This post was a bit delayed but I'm excited to finally share the sequel to my Multi-Tasking Skincare Must-Haves: all about make up products that are multi-purpose. 

Starting from the very beginning: primer. Wait, no - moisturiser. Hang on a minute, why not both? Smashbox has got you covered in just one step. Being loaded with hyaluronic acid and niacinimide makes this more than just a primer, it really locks moisture into the skin and performs like any other moisturiser. The formula is dreamy: soft, not too thick but not a gel; it sinks in beautifully to the skin and doesn't feel tacky or heavy. But like a primer, creates a perfect smooth base for make up, and holds onto it all day, whilst maintaining hydration. This is my current go-to primer, it's brilliant.
This mineral foundation comes in a dainty little glass bottle, as an unassuming looking powder. But this is a little gem that I'm so pleased I found. It can be used as a powder foundation (or just a setting powder, in my opinion) but did you know that it can be a liquid foundation also? No, I'm not kidding. Simply mix it with a serum or a facial oil (I prefer the former) and hey presto! A liquid foundation. A couple of taps of powder offers a tint, but it also layers beautifully to offer a medium coverage. It has a matte finish - obviously as it started as a powder! But surprisingly it's not dry. It has a very natural finish and of course is natural itself: it is made of 100% mineral powders. 
Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks are stuff of legend, oft emulated but never rivalled. There are several imitations but, in my experience, the original is still the best. Each 'brick' has a strip of five shimmery colours. The beauty of this is that you can pick and choose which shades you use - as well as how. I like to use the strips individually like an eyeshadow, mix a couple of the lighter hues together as a highlighter, or swirl a brush through the entire pan and use it liberally across the cheeks as a shimmering blusher. 
If highlighted, sun-kissed looks are your thing, you need these Rodin Olio Lusso Illuminating Drops in your life. The shade Aurora encapsulates Summer: the elegant bronze-y shade makes it a divine highlight applied sheerly to the cheek bone, but the warm tone also makes it perfect as a glowing bronzer when applied more generously. But my favourite thing about liquid products is their versatility: they can be applied anywhere. You can use this to highlight your collarbones as well as your cheekbones; sculpt your décolleté to your legs! I think this shade will be a beautiful compliment to a tan anywhere on the body, too. (NB: The link above is to Net-a-Porter, but it will be stocked in Harrods from September. Yay!) 
YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush
In my opinion these creamy lipstick-blush-hybrids by YSL are one of the most underrated beauty products out there. Inconspicuously disguised in a bottle that looks like a nail polish is a gorgeous product that can be applied as a lipstick (which the doe foot applicator is perfect for) or tapped onto the cheeks like a blush.  It's so easy to blend and has a gorgeous satin finish. The pigment is perfect - the balance is perfect to give enough colour as a lipstick and as a blush. Definitely check these out because I never see anybody talking about these!
However, if cream formulas are more your fancy, this rose golden tube of Charlotte Tilbury goodness will likely be your cup of tea (or a glass of sex on the beach, it is Summer after all)! Charlotte has made her 'Beach Sticks' in five shades inspired by "unique lighting, golden sands and bronzed goddesses of Ibiza". They have a balmy texture but impart beautiful pigment with a subtle reflective  sheen on wherever you decide to apply them: cheeks, lips - or even eyelids. There are shades to satisfy highlighter addicts, blush-aholics and bronzer junkies - so take your pick! 
Stila Convertible Cream Colour 
One of the original multi-purpose products has to be the Stila Convertible Cream Colour. This richly pigmented, creamy lip and cheek stain is absolutely iconic. In a pretty floral compact in a colour to match the inside is a smooth, ultra soft formula that blends into skin and other products effortlessly. 
These are similar to the Charlotte Tilbury sticks - but oh so different. With different finishes from matte (ideal for contouring) to beaming, creamy highlighters. But this Nars icon is called 'The Multiple' for a reason: it can be used anywhere. On the face as eyeshadow, blush, highlighter - you name it! To even on the body. I love Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks for a more natural, laid-back beachy look; these Nars beauties definitely pack more of a punch and are ideal for looks with fuller coverage and nights out. 
If you like the sound of both The Multiple and the Beach Sticks but are on a budget: look no further. But I'm not just including these because they come in at an impressive £12.99 - they really are a great pick! These have more of a waxy formula (it's Burts Bees...Bees Wax...y'know!) so are perfect for a sheer wash of Summery colour to top off a been-at-the-beach-all-day look. With a range of shades in the same fantastic formula, you can apply them on eyelids and cheeks - just about anywhere you fancy, really. 
Multi-purpose make up products are so brilliant not only for their versatility, but they are so convenient to pop in your handbag, to pack light if you're going on holiday - etc.

Do you have any favourite make up products that serve more than one purpose?

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