My Picks for Beachy Hair Styles

It's mid August and this is definitely too late to publish this blog post. I've had the product photos and text ready to go for a while, but I wanted to add a selfie with my hair styled in cool beachy waves. 
But I had conjunctivitis and couldn't wear make up (plus my eyes just generally looked disgusting); then I got a cold sore and didn't really fancy taking a photo of myself with a crusty cupids bow. So here we are, several months too late - but if you are yet to go on your Summer hols or plan on squeezing in some more beach days - you may enjoy these product recommendations! I've picked out my favourite hair products and stylers that are ideal for crafting effortless looking, tousled beachy waves.
Why subject your locks to excessive heat - i.e blow drying - when you can let nature take care of it. I love letting my hair air dry if the weather permits, and take full advantage of the sunshine in Summer time. I like to run some of this Alterna styling balm - especially formulated with air drying in mind - through my hair whilst it's still wet to make sure it dries smoothly. Left to dry naturally, my hair typically goes all over the place and is messily wavy and terribly frizzy! Using this styling balm keeps it in check without even a quick blast of the blow dryer.

I love hair oils to give my hair a lustrous shiny finish and silky texture. I apply some oil to the palms of my hands, then lightly run my hands through the ends of my wet or damp hair. This Nuxe number is ever so light so doesn't weigh down my hair and make it straight, meaning my hair has a healthy and effortless bounce to it, but with boosted shine and softness!
GHD Curve Classic Curl Tong
To style my hair into beachy waves I use my ghd curling tongs. Ghd are well known for the quality of their products and this is no exception! It's very easy to use - I just wrap a section of hair around the barrel and hold it there for a few seconds. The longer I hold it the tighter the curl. I use bigger sections of hair and/or hold it for less time for loose waves, or smaller sections of hair and/or holding it against the tong for longer for tighter more traditional curls. I like to do both so that the curls are deliberately a bit mismatched, and then gently run my fingers through my hair to get the best tousled look. Then I'll mix and match using the following products, depending on what look I fancy... 

 My hair is very thick and has a life of its own. To keep it sleek and frizz free I opt for Percy & Reed's Frizz Fixer - which is a perfect pick on hot and humid days when my hair is especially susceptible to going rogue! This reminds me a little of dry shampoo - but lighter and with no residue (on account of the fact it's not actually a dry shampoo!). It has a very fine mist that doesn't leave any stickiness or shine, but does tame fly away strands and unruly waves and frizz in a second. It's instantaneous so is a must-have for touch ups. I love to use this on beachy waves to keep them in check - so they're wavy, not messy! 

Alterna Tousled Texture Spray^
However, if I really want to embrace the messy, sea-air-tousled look - I love a good texture spray. My pick has to be this one from Alterna. A quick spritz gives my hair a slouchy, effortless look to it - but in a way that's very cool and oh so pool side appropriate.

Percy & Reed Starlight Glitter Glow
Percy & Reed have bottled glitter for grown ups in this stylish new launch. It imparts scattered golden glitter  for a luminous sheen. Apply light spritzes for a more sophisticated light catching glow, or use a heavier hand to add a stunning party-worthy shimmer.

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What are your favourite hair products for Summer?

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