Beauty Bargain: Trial Dollar Shave Club and EARN £15

Gents: if you're in need of a new razor, this is an incredible deal. Ladies: this is a really good deal! Dollar Shave Club is incredible value especially compared to the ludicrous pink tax we pay for women's shaving products. 

I am 10000% in favour of women using shaving products marketed for men. Skin is skin, hair is hair. If you like to shave it off, lavender scented gel and a pink razor handle isn't going to make any difference to anything but your bank account. 

I'm sure you've heard of Dollar Shave Club before and know that they're a subscription box that ships new shaving gear to you. Their trial box is a good way to try their service and you can still earn the £15 even if you don't subscribe. 

Here's how it works... 
So Dollar Shave Club currently have a cash back offer through Quidco (the cash back service I use and can personally recommend) where you earn £5 cash back if you order their £5 trial box. You do have to initially pay for the box (which also signs you up to their subscription, but cancel that straight away if you don't want to sign up and you won't be charged anything) but obviously you get the cash back so in essence you get to try it for free.

So where did I get £15 from, then? 

Like I said, I use Quidco. They have a refer a friend programme and if you sign up to Quidco via my link you'll get £10 bonus cash back when you earn your first £5. So if you order your Dollar Shave Club trial box you'll get your £5 cash back which makes you eligible for the £10 bonus. I found my Dollar Shave Club cash back was confirmed really quickly so in theory you will have the £15 pretty sharpish. 

To earn yourself a no-strings-attached £15: 

1. Sign up to Quidco through this link
2. Signed into your new Quidco account, search for Dollar Shave Club 
3. Click 'Get Cash Back' on their £5 Trial Box offer 
4. Order your trial box (and cancel the subscription if you don't want to sign up long term!) 
5. Wait for your cash back to be confirmed and you'll earn your £10 bonus 
6. Easy peasy £15!

Just thought I'd let you know about this quick and easy way to earn some cash and get to try some good value shaving products (I enjoy Dollar Shave Club!) Definitely worth doing if you do fancy trying Dollar Shave Club anyway (the hundreds of Youtube content creators promoted it had me intrigued) or so happen to be in the market for a new razor.

Thank me later!

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