The best new addition to my hair styling routine: Untamed De-Frizz Wave Tame Machine

My hair is very thick, wavy and unruly, and generally hard to tame. But over the last few weeks, I've been using a secret weapon on my hair that is a solution to all my problems. 

Having ridiculously thick hair makes it difficult to style. Blow drying it takes an age, and straightening it takes even longer. If I wanted it to look sleek and freshly styled, I'd have to set by at least an hour and a half (no exaggeration!) to blow dry it and straighten it, so more often than not I'd just skip it. A quick blast with the hair dryer just so it's not sopping wet and I was good to go, but it always looked like a mess. And not in an effortless-chic way, I mean a mess.

But now I've discovered the Untamed De-Frizz Wave Tame Machine*, I can get sleek, smooth, shiny and tamed hair without really have to style it as such. No hair straighteners, no fancy high price tag hair serums; just my Wave Tame Machine. 
So here's how it works... 

The genius folks behind Untamed have created what they're calling their 'genius nozzle': your ordinary blow dryer nozzle with a twist - space for a bottle of argan oil (famously a fantastic hair hero for shine, smoothing and repair) with an attachment that you place through the nozzle. When you start blasting the air through the dryer, it disperses the argan oil through your locks. This gives my hair a stunning shine, softness and incredible scent, but more importantly, the action of blow drying with argan oil smooths my hair impeccably. As you can so see from the photos above, my hair is just so tame - all thanks to just this genius dryer! I can't tell you how many compliments I've received about how nice my hair looks "when I've straightened it" - when I haven't straightened it at all, just dried it with my Wave Tame Machine! 
I can't praise this incredible new gadget enough. The nozzle really is genius and I'll never go back to a 'normal' hair dyer again. I've essentially cut my hair styling routine in half because I can get the same effect as straightening without even having to go near the straighteners! The Untamed De-Frizz Wave Tame Machine really works and I have to say, is a must-have for anybody with unruly hair, or who doesn't want to spend so much time in the morning styling their hair. 

Untamed De-Frizz Wave Tame Machine is £69.99 (with free delivery!) and available here.

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