October Pink Parcel Review

I'm slowly but surely becoming a subscription box convert (you may have seen that I recently tried Hounds & Hers) with the October Pink Parcel* being the latest to make it's way to my door. 
This is actually the first time I've tried Pink Parcel and I must admit to being pleasantly surprised. I was under the illusion that I'd only get a handful of tampons and pads, but you actually get a lot - certainly more than I need for a month - making this subscription box incredible value. You get a box full of night time pads, a box full of tampons, as well as an adorable little pouch 'for now' filled with tampons and panty liners.
Another advantage is the convenience of having feminine hygiene products delivered straight to your door; no more panic buying emergency tampons! This could also be especially advantageous for young girls just starting their periods who may be embarrassed to buy the essentials in person, as well as it making that time of the month a little fun.
So on to the fun part... 'for you'! Pink Parcel offer subscription options where you also receive a selection of goodies to make your period a little easier and enjoyable. In my October box, I received a chocolate bar and tea to try; a small bottle of liquid iron supplement (very important for when you're bleeding!) as well as some beauty goodies like a hair mask, liquid highlighter, under eye masks and a moisturiser sample. I like lots of little surprises to try!

So all in all, I'd highly recommend Pink Parcel. It's incredible value with boxes starting at just £5! You get a really decent amount of pads and tampons, plus an excellent selection of beauty and lifestyle products to try - all of which is customisable to your preference and interests. Plus - if you're anything like I am - you'll enjoy having a box of little goodies delivered every month. Not to mention the convenience of having the essentials literally arrive at your door step.

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