Summer rituals you should keep up this Autumn/Winter

There are number of things we tend to add into our beauty routine during the Summer months. But sunscreen, smooth legs and sun tans need not be exclusive to June, July and August. 

In fact, they shouldn't be. Here's some summertime rituals I think you should keep up even during the Autumn and Winter months. 

When it's the season to don pretty dresses and summer shorts, you may be more inclined to exfoliate your body. Whilst it's obviously not a necessity, for me at least, keeping my legs silky and smooth by regularly shaving and exfoliating makes me happy. I've really been enjoying the Beauty Pie Nourishing Body Polish* on my legs - as well as my chest and shoulders. I love the feeling of soft skin, I don't think it should be reserved for just Summer!

Fake Tan
I hope that instead of laying in the sun all day lathered in oil to cook yourself, you used fake tan to achieve a summery golden tone this Summer. There's no need to go without it just because sunshine is sparse. And if you did tan by baking yourself and your skin damage - sorry, I mean tan - is fading, do not go to the sun beds! You're blanketing yourself in harmful ultraviolet rays in a way that, according to the WHO, is more harmful than smoking. You can achieve a gorgeous bronze with Leighton Denny Gradual Tan* without damaging your skin. 
Even being far away from equator here in the UK, UVA rays are still in full force all year round. UVB rays are mostly absorbed by our atmosphere and blocked by clouds - hence why we don't get sun burnt - but we are still susceptible to the damage caused by UVA radiation. UVA actually damages your DNA: it breaks down one of our essential vitamins, folate, without which our bodies cannot metabolise amino acids required for cell division.  It's important to protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation all year round - so wear SPF! I wear La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50 every day on my face and body. 
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