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This is the first year I've really made the most out of Black Friday: I'm on a very tight budget this Christmas, so I've waited for today to make sure I get the best deals. But eagerly clutching my (pitifully light) purse, I want to make my money go even further.

I've mentioned Quidco before but now is a better time than ever to start using it. Lots of online shopping = lots of opportunities to rake in the cash back. It's a really simple to use website/app: search the retailer you'd like to browse or plan on purchasing from, click through Quidco's link, shop as you normally would and complete your order, and you'll receive a % of your order back! The £11.23 I earned was literally just spending an hour online shopping for little bits and bobs for my family. I only need to finish up making a couple more purchases, and I'll have earned £15 cash back, meaning I'll qualify for Quidco's seasonal top up (the £5 bonus). Every little helps, and it takes minimal extra effort but it does add up very quickly. I've actually earned £54 in total since signing up to Quidco in Summer! 

Why not get started with an extra £10? Sign up via my link here, and once you have £5 confirmed cash back, you'll get a bonus £10. So if you sign up today, do all your Christmas shopping - enough to earn £15 in cash back - you'll get the £5 and £10 bonus. Not bad, eh? 

Why not use your Christmas shopping as a chance to pay your phone bill? 
I spoke about AirtimeRewards here, but if you're shopping a lot right now (I know you are), you may as well reap the rewards of that burning hole in your pocket. All you have to do is download the AirtimeRewards app from the app store here, then link the cards you use most often (you can connect more than one card). AR will track your purchases from their partnered retailers and give you a % of your purchase back, which you can redeem to go directly towards your phone bill  Rewards are redeemable in £5 increments and it's really easy to to do so.  There's no faff, no click-through links - just set up your account and you're good to start earning money.

If you sign up to my Airtime rewards, enter my unique referral code to get a little bonus to get you started: 

Top Five Black Friday Beauty Faves 
This isn't another list of affiliate links bloggers are trying to bombard you with, I have genuinely been buying gifts (I'm currently typing this at 2.30am, having just finished my first round of Christmas shopping) and wanted to share some really good deals I came across. Beauty products do tend to find at a reduced price so I really kept my eyes out for the bargains!
1. LookFantastic has launched a 'Black Friday Edit' Beauty Box filled with beauty goodies from Ciate, Pixi and Seoulista. In total it's worth over £120, but what's most tempting for me is that the Ciate highlighter (which most tickled my fancy) on it's own would be £26. Grab a bargain: save yourself a quid on a pretty new highlighter and get lots of extra goodies. It's incredible value as it is, BUT I can get it down to just £20 for you: shop through my referral link here, add the Black Friday Edit to your basket, and when you go to check out you'll have saved £5. Yep, free shipping too. Enjoy!
2. £5 off Too Faced Concealer
3. Two Full Size Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Sprays for £28.80. One normally costs £19.20 individually!
4. £10 off Kiehls 50ml Midnight Recovery Concentrate: the 'regular' sized 30ml bottle is £38 normally. For £1.50 more you get an extra 20ml!
5. Nars Mini Lip Balm & Blush Gift Sets only £17.60

With incredible Black Friday deals and really easy ways you can earn cash back - both in cash and to go straight onto your bills - means that making your money go further is so simple!

Happy shopping! 

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