Solutions for dry, cracked Winter lips

When it starts to get bloody freezing out, what's the first thing you notice? Plumes of smoke coming out of chimneys, pale blue frost shimmering on the grass early in the morning, or the sight of your lips looking like peeling wallpaper? 

For me, it's the latter. I thought I'd share some hydrating lip products in my stash: 

I'm starting off with this one because it's luxury, and if you can afford £40 on a lip balm, I promise you will enjoy this. But honestly? There is very little difference between this and the other products I talk about below - especially my picks from Honest Beauty and Love Jamila - but with lots and lots of added fragrance. It's not that it will be irritating to your lips (I doubt it) but it's just very unnecessary: a product does not need to smell good in order to work. That being said, this is a lovely lip balm, it contains lots of fatty acids, emollients (softening ingredients), oils and butters. So it's very soft (the softest lip product in my stash, in fact) and hydrating. But you really don't need a £40 lip balm. 
This is a new one to me - Honest Beauty, founded by Jessica Alba, has only recently landed in the UK in Boots - and it's a lightweight balm that's not only a super little lip salve, it's a real handy little item to pop in my handbag because it can be applied literally anywhere. Eyebrows, cuticles, elbows; you name it. It's packed with oils like olive, argan, jojoba and coconut (among others), packed into a beeswax and shea butter base. It's instantly hydrating, you can really feel the oils in it but without it looking like a goopy lip gloss. I also like that it's transparent so I can dab it on top of lipstick without affecting the colour. 

SPF is very important to me even in Winter. The lips are not only especially sensitive, but are prone to skin cancer, so I always protect my lips from UV rays. I enjoy the Palmers lip balm because it's SPF 15, it's in a nice slim tube so can fit into even a small handbag, but also it has a really nice slip to it, so is very relieving on dry sandpaper-y lips! You can taste it a little bit though. I don't mind, but just something to consider. However this one is very cheap and affordable, so a good pick! 
I enjoy this one because it's SPF 25, so I get a little more protection than with the Palmers balm. The formula of this one is a little different: it has a gel texture. It's also the only one in a squeezy tube, which is reminiscent of those fruity scented lip glosses that were around in the early 2000s! It's minty so gives your lips a tingling sensation on application, which I don't hate, but I'd rather it was unscented/unflavoured. Mint can also be potentially irritating to some people, not just tingly. I could be wrong but I believe this brand is marked to men so maybe the tingling sensation is to make it more *manly*? 

This overnight treatment cream has a high price tag, so is definitely more of an investment item! I suffer with dry lips all year round so this is especially beneficial for me, but especially when they're feeling the chill; it's not uncommon for me to have a split in the middle of my lower lip the entirety of November through to February. I was lucky enough to receive a PR sample so didn't have to pay for it myself, and I'd personally never have paid so much money for a 10ml tube of cream to treat such a tiny part of my face! I have to admit that I am a total convert and would totally repurchase this myself. It's an intensely moisturising and softening treatment and has, in my opinion, been the product in my stash most effective at soothing and replenishing dry, peeling, cracked lips. It really works overnight: by the morning, there's no peeling skin, no cracks, no rough texture and no crackly, tight discomfort. It honestly makes my lips so, so soft - so I'd highly recommend this product, even considering the price! Just to note though: Dermalogica advise you can apply this around the mouth as well, but it does contain essential oils which can be bothersome to some people, especially those with sensitive skin. 
This is quite similar to the Honest Beauty balm, it's a multi-purpose product that's also made of beeswax; contains oils like peach kernel and coconut, as well as nourishing butters like shea, avocado and cocoa butter. Most importantly, it contains glycerin: an ingredient which draws water into the skin. However sweet the miniature jam jar packaging may be, it's not as practical as my other picks in my opinion, so this sits on my bedside table rather than in my handbag. 

Isn't this just a classic product? Encased in the iconic yellow tube is a whole host of fatty acids and nourishing oils and, of course, beeswax. It also contains peppermint oil so this is another lip product that causes a tingling sensation. Again, I don't hate it, I don't like it either. I like this product because it's stiffer than the others, so I find it's not as oily. I'm not implying I don't enjoy the oilier textured lip balms, but I find this 'drier' texture lasts a bit longer on the lips. 

What's your go-to lip balm?

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