Tips for coping with Festive FOMO when working over Christmas

I've been seeing a lot of tweets along the lines of, "Good morning except to everyone that doesn't have work over Christmas", so I think it's safe to assume that FOMO when you're at work during Christmas is universally felt. 

I've worked over Christmas and New Years the past few years, but I quit my job at the end of November (very brazen considering the time of year, I know. But it was the right time to go) so this Christmas is 100% reserved for family time. Working Christmas Eve's the past several years, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve that have helped me to embrace the fun side of it and cope with FOMO. 

1. Wear a special outfit 
It might seem silly, but mimicking the planning for a special occasion or a big night out - even if it is, in fact, just for work - does seem to evoke some of the excitement as if it were something exciting. Why not treat yourself to a new dress, or a new top for the occasion? If you don't wear a uniform, wear something a bit fancier. The more sequins and sparkle the better, in my opinion. If you do wear a uniform, why not don a pair of antlers or snazzy Christmas earrings? Last year to work I wore a flashing badge with a pug dressed as an elf on it! So long as you're not breaking any major dress code rules, I don't think anybody will see the harm in embracing the party spirit. 

2. Spend more time on your make up 
Like I said, emulating party prep does actually make you feel as though you're anticipating something special. At least for me. Why not jazz up your make up? A few years ago, to my Christmas eve shift, I wore loose silver glitter on my eyes and festive red lipstick. It's safe to say I'm a firm believer of more is more. The following year, I even met up with my co-worker before work to do her make up, too: gold eyeshadow, red lipstick and all the trimmings. It works. I promise. 

3. Plan something special 
If your work schedule permits, plan to do something special before/after work, or during your lunch break. Even if it's something as simple as a cheeky McDonalds trip, it's something to look forward to (albeit it's not a roast turkey). What about a cinema trip, or lunch out? Failing that, why not bring in something special: nobody could ever turn down a sweet treat or a mince pie. 

I know it's not a lot, but here are a few things I do to cope with FOMO during Christmas shifts. Sending love to everyone working this Christmas, I know it's a tough time - especially for retail!

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