Make Up I'm Loving: January 2020

I'm enjoying my go-to make up routine at the moment. It involves some products that have become absolute, can't-live-without staples that I thought I'd share. 

I've re-fallen in love with this foundation since last Summer (I reviewed it in July last year.) The texture is the most beautiful fresh, luminous satin finish. It's very light weight and sits beautifully, like a second skin. For a foundation that isn't matte, it has impressive coverage! One pump is enough to do my entire face at a medium coverage level. Once it's on, I've found it plays really well with others: powder sits on this foundation perfectly, it doesn't do that strange thing foundations sometimes do where it absorbs too much blush, for example; or gets taken off by a highlighter brush!  

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I must confess that, as a general rule, I'm mostly over liquid concealer. But if I am going to use one, it'll be this Laura Mercier gem. I recently needed additional coverage across my cheeks (thanks, time of the month!) so, because it's obviously such a prominent part of my face, I wanted a concealer gives  me full coverage but is so lightweight, with a thin texture that would be untraceable against foundation. This is right on the money. It blends in seamlessly and looks very smooth and skin-like, whilst still covering up everything I needed it to. 
To be honest I forgot I even owned this powder. I stumbled across it when I was - what I believe Instagram has dubbed - "shopping my stash". How I bought this, used it once or twice and apparently didn't give it any second thoughts is beyond me. It's bloody amazing. It makes my skin looks so smooth, literally like it has a smoothing filter over it! The powder is incredibly finely milled and light, with a luxurious silky texture. Don't be perturbed by the product's "mattifying" description. It's a very subtle soft matte that I don't find drying at all, nor does it grab to dry areas. 
Another powder I just had to mention is this light pink tinted blurring powder from Too Faced's Peaches and Cream collection (which I reviewed here). The tint is quite subtle and imparts a soft rosy glow. The blurring effect is really quite impressive, it smoothes rough texture, minimises the appearance of pores and really marries together any make up underneath. I apply my blush, bronzer and highlight, then buff this blur powder over the top. It smoothes any harsh lines between the products and generally 'blurs' them together for the most natural 'no-make up' make up effect. It makes my make up look completely seamless and flawless. 

Speaking of blush, my must-have at the moment is Madly from Nars. It's a soft pinky-beige nude that's so perfect for a light natural flush. It blends really easily and, especially topped with a light application of the Too Faced blurring powder, gives a very natural rosy glow. 
So it turns out Jessica Alba (the founder of Honest Beauty) has crafted the best mascara I have ever used!  I struggle to find lengthening mascaras that don't end up giving my lashes that awful 'spidery' effect (that was popular in the early 2000s, believe it or not.) But the combination of the primer and mascara - handily packaged in one double ended tube - creates the longest, most delicately curled lashes, whilst still looking natural and a little wispy. I'm obsessed! 

Check out this picture of this mascara in action when I used it for a photoshoot recently. 
I have a beauty hack! The key to truly flawless looking skin is a generous spritz of an oil based facial mist. This Pixi pick is formulated with argan oil, an excellent skin softening ingredient and perfect for infusing a glow into your make up. Applying it to make up is yet another step towards blurring together all the separate make up products on my face for natural, seamless and flawless looking skin.   Spray several spritzes, then wait until the mist has totally dried down onto your face (I use this time to groom my brows!) and there will be no harsh lines, no contrasting textures and and even the chunkiest powder is completely imperceptible. We've all been there when we've accidentally been a bit too heavy handed - this tip is perfect as a quick fix!

Pictured below is the shade Angel Alessandra, but I've been thoroughly enjoying the entire Charlotte Tilbury collection. If I'm wearing lipstick, guaranteed it'll be from Hot Lips 2! There a couple of fantastic reds - from a fiery red to a classic Hollywood red - and several natural pinks, nudes and blush hues. Wether I'm feeling in the mood for a bold matte or a sexy satin finish, I'll find it in this collection. 

Check out swatches of every single shade in my review here
What make up are you loving at the moment? 

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. So many great products! I love the look of that Ciate foundation, I've not heard of it before, but the packaging is so cute. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are great too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush