AD | Date Night Hair: Quick & Easy Relaxed Curls

As much as I love pyjamas, a Chinese takeaway and a classic Disney film on DVD, there's still something exciting in getting a little dolled up for an evening out with Sam. 

I'll give myself plenty of time for make up, because doing my make up is my happy place. It's almost a form of mindfulness, I think; the step by step routine and the rhythm of it. But when it comes to hair, I want it to look like I've made an effort without really having to do all that much

My go-to look for date night are these loose, relaxed curls. They're a quick and easy finishing touch that looks styled and polished, without looking too glamorous; they're flirty, casual and girly - I don't think you can go wrong with some loose curls!  
They're so easy to achieve, as well: 
Using my GHD Curve Classic Curl Tong, I curl sections of my hair without being too precise. I deliberately section my hair into uneven pieces (some thin sections, some fuller sections) to get messy looking curls.
I like to make my fringe look fluffy - I don't like it sitting like a block on my forehead! I want it to fall very loosely and naturally. So I blast it with my GHD Air Hair Dryer (even on dry hair, but it obviously does work better on wet hair) whilst shaping it using Philip Kingsley Radial Brush.

I loosen the curls by running my fingers through, and scrunching, my hair.
I keep the curls in place by spraying some Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray* (which isn't sticky or stiff at all!) and finish up by adding some fragrance and shine using Percy & Reed Eau My Goodness Spray*. 

I think it'd suit anyone and any hair type - thick or fine, long or short - I think it'd look especially nice on balayage hair colour because the uneven curls will make the colour really stand out. It's so incredibly quick and easy to do as well, and it makes you look like you've made more of an effort than you actually have. The beauty of curls in general, I think, is that they can really be dressed up or down. Make them matte and a little messy for a laid-back look (which I love) or make them tighter and neater for a more Hollywood-style glamour feel.

Thank you for reading!

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