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Our beds are precious to us, aren't they? If they weren't, Vincent Van Gough wouldn't have painted his and I doubt that Tracey Emin would have put hers on display. 

Our beds are so important to us because we often depend on them to get a good nights sleep. Did you know that sleep is defined as a “vulnerable” state occurs when one feels “sufficiently safe and secure”? So the environment we choose to fall asleep in is important, because we need to feel safe. Is your bedroom geared towards a good nights sleep? Perhaps you're one to change up your bedroom often, and want to make sure your bed is always going to fit in with the colour scheme, furnishings and other decor. Our bed needs to act like a cocoon that makes us feel secure, comfortable and relaxed - but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish and compliment the room! No matter how many sleep sounds, mood lighting or pillow mists you use, the heart of the matter is always the bedPrioritising comfort is very important because, depending on the mattress, your bed can affect your posture and potentially make you terribly uncomfortable. This isn't likely to help you get your 8 hours! Lack of sleep causes brain fog, difficulty concentrating and irritability - something we have probably all experienced from time to time - but poor sleep over a long period can contribute to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, and has been linked with medical conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. 
Sleep ultimately affects our physical and mental health so you should always be able to rely on your bed to be a space of warmth and comfort, which all starts with picking the right one. There’s something about finally seeing your bed at the end of an evening, isn’t there? That warm and fuzzy feeling when I can’t wait to just flop into my mountain of pillows and switch off. I like lots of pillows, don't you? When it comes to buying a new bed, I'll need to make sure they will all fit on it! I know my bed is my relief after a long day, looks after me when I'm sick, comforts me when I'm sad - but it can also be a handy storage solution.
So when it comes to buying a new bed, you want to make sure you get it right and tick all the boxes for comfort and utility. Your bed and mattress need to be the right size to fit in your room and maybe even have built-in storage to save space, whilst still being a sanctuary of comfort. Our bed is so important to our life and wellbeing, so it’s no surprise there’s more to it than just choosing whether you want a King or a Queen, a sumptuous four poster or a modern leather divan bed. Most people buy a new bed every 15 to 20 years, so whichever bed you choose in the end, you're likely going to have it long term. You mustn’t forget to make arrangements to get rid of your old bed when it’s time to move on! 

Our bed becomes our comfort zone; like an old friend, so you want to make sure that when you're investing in a new one, you want to get the right one for you. Here is a helpful guide to the things you should take into account before you purchase:  

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