February & March Empties

I always stash away my empty bottles, and I knew this month I'd have some from skin, body, hair and fragrance to talk about - but I honestly didn't realise just how much! So I'm just going to dig in. 

Make Up 
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Vol 2 
 I enjoyed this! It's a really good lengthening and thickening mascara. It looks deceptively clumpy on the wand but it applies really well and I like the effect.
I'm using another mascara at the moment but I may repurchase this again when I'm looking for a new one!

Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo (Mini)
I really, really love this. It's totally invisible and mattifies the oil in my hair and makes it nice and fluffy. I use it daily on my fringe to make it a little textured and bouncy. 
Even though it's more expensive than other dry shampoos available on the high street, this really is the best, so yes absolutely. 
I use this literal wonder balm as a hair primer, basically. I find it tames my hair very effectively: controls fly aways, keeps it smooth. It's very light weight so other products layer on top of it really nicely for when my hair needs some extra styling, like heat protection, volume or a high shine finish. 
I already had another ready to go!

Bybi Swipe Clean Cleansing Oil
I enjoyed this cleansing oil, it feels nice and is effective at taking make up off, dissolving SPF and left my skin feeling clean. I always followed up with a non-oil based cleanser (like the one below) to remove left over oil. Whilst I don't find them in this rinse-off formula, it's worth nothing that this does contain plant and flower oils which some people may find bothersome.
The only thing stopping me is the price. This is quite a simple cleansing oil but it's expensive: you get 100ml for £26. For nearly £5 less, you can get a 200ml bottle of Clinique cleansing oil - which is also fragrance free. I don't have to compromise on the fragrance, I get double the amount of product and I pay a few quid less? It's a no brainer. Sorry, Bybi! 

Alpha H Balancing Cleanser
I enjoyed using this cleanser. It doesn't contain any active ingredients so is a plain, gentle cleanser. It's nice and creamy and it didn't make my skin feel dehydrated and tight, but did make it feel nice and squeaky clean!
Because it contains perfume, I think I'll give this a miss. There are similar cleansers without the fragrance content. 
Alpha H Essential Hydrating Cream 
This is a very expensive moisturiser that, in my opinion, doesn't have an ingredients list to back up the price tag. It's very aromatic, containing lots of plant and flower oils. It was very, very softening and had such a silky texture but I did feel like it was too oily, a bit too heavy, and I just didn't see any visible results in the appearance of my skin. 
No because of the heavy fragrance content. Unlike Lixir Skin's Universal Emulsion which I talk about below, the results just weren't good enough to justify taking the risks associated with perfume in skincare. 

Lixir Skin Universal Emulsion
I have to confess that I initially approached this with relatively low expectations. I thought it'd be a basic moisturiser (which, to be fair, I suppose it is) but was cynical of the risks associated with fragrance, this contains natural fragrances including citronellol, linalool, geraniol and flower oils. Not only did my skin tolerate the perfuming ingredients (no irritation like stinging) but this is the best moisturiser ever
There's just something about it that makes my skin look so smooth; pores are smaller, skin is soft to touch; my skin has that kind of plump, healthy taught appearance to it. It was perfect under make up too, and I actually re-applied this as a primer. Make up just sits on it so beautifully! I can't quite put my finger on a singular reason why, but it just makes my face looks really good, and I found using this as my daily moisturiser when I'm using active ingredients keeps my face calm and clear. I cannot overstate how nice this moisturiser is!
Despite the fact I typically try to avoid fragrance, this product is so good that I'm willing to accept it. I've literally just ordered another because Look Fantastic have 20% off Lixirskin at the moment. Click here to check it out via my unique referral link (this way, you can still get £5 off even if you've missed out on the promotional discount!) 

Ultrasun Face Lotion SPF 50
This is my favourite SPF. It's quite a thick lotion - still not thick enough to be a cream - but I like that, personally! It's not sticky; it's light and comfortable and doesn't really give a white cast. It actually makes my skin look really good? It weirdly has a smoothing effect. I didn't expect that, but I'll totally take it! 
Absolutely. It's just what I look for in an SPF and is really good value for money. This lasted me months, and I used it daily!

Your Good Skin Rapid Rescue Treatment
This is brilliant for anyone with spots: a transparent gel containing salicylic acid and the inflammation reducing green tea. It's a very reliable and effective combination. I like the small packaging with a pump because it's easy to reapply throughout the day. My only criticism would be that the texture is quite dry and can sometimes peel, so isn't really wearable under make up. But I would recommend this to anybody with blemishes.  
When I need to. At the moment, alternating a night time retinoid and day time salicylic acid is keeping my skin clear so I have no need for topical spot treatments. I've jinxed it now, haven't I?

 Bubble T Hibiscus and Acai Shower Gel
Whilst I avoid fragrance in my facial skincare, I am a sucker for a delicious smelling shower gel! I enjoy Bubble T's products, they're fun, cheap and there's so many different fragrances to choose from.   This one had a delicious fruity scent. 
Bubble T always keep me stocked up on shower gel so I don't need to repurchase this one specifically! Bubble T offer a Soapscription service which I highly recommend: you get monthly deliveries of two shower gels in fun fragrances. My latest delivery was Rhubarb and Custard scented, and Strawberry Macaroon!
By Terry Baume de Rose Hand Cream 
This is a nice, softening hand cream. It's very expensive so it's a luxury treat. But at the end of the day, it is just a hand cream.  
At that price? Absolutely not. Inexpensive fragrance free body creams suffice for my hands. Here's my recommendations.

Valentino Donna Acqua 
This is a beautiful scent. It's sweet and almond-y with a hint of woody notes. It's really, really nice and very girly. 
I might do because it's so heavily reduced. I think it's being discontinued.

My empties posts are always so lengthy but I have so much fun writing them. Having a chance to talk about things I may not do another way is great, and I like sharing my reccommendations.

Thanks for reading!

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