A Lockdown Giveaway for Dog Parents!

This prize is something a little different from me! But I wanted to do a giveaway to spread some kindness during lockdown. I didn't want to use the usual prizes - like make up - because many people won't get any use out of them at the moment. 

However if you're anything like me, and you're finding yourself with a surplus of free time because of this lockdown, which you're filling with dog walks, I think you'll enjoy this giveaway! 

I used to take my pugs, Barney and Betty (pugs don't need a huge amount of exercise, they're quite low maintenance) for a 30 minute wander around the orchard behind my house. But more recently, I've been using my once-a-day-exercise quota to take them on an adventure around my local woodlands and through the village. 
They're loving the longer walks, but obviously when we're out for over an hour, they're going to need a drink. I bought them a little pop up silicone water bowl - which is made of silicone and is BPA free - which has come in really handy. It comes with a little clip so I can pop the collapsed bowl (which is like a mini frisbee) onto my house keys so I don't forget it!
I bought an extra travel bowl to give to one of my followers who will also find it useful, and also included a luxury faux leather lead from Miss Teddy*, which is worth £19.99! (Prize lead is same style as picture below, but in the colour grey
How to Enter
You can enter on any (or all!) of my social media pages: 

Like my page, comment with a picture of your dog and tag another dog mum or dad!

Follow, retweet & reply with a picture of your dog

Follow me, comment with your dogs name and tag another pup parent. Bonus entry tag me in a picture of your dog either on your grid or in your story

I'll announce a winner next Monday, 4th May 2020. 
This post/giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by either brands featured.
By posting a prize, I will not be breaking the lockdown rules. My local corner shop has a post office kiosk. However I’ll only post it when I’m going there legitimately to buy essentials, so prize may not be sent to the winner immediately (I usually go to the shop once a week so shouldn’t be too long!)
Usual T&Cs apply

Good luck!

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*The Miss Teddy lead came in a subscription box I received as a press sample, but I do not have a prior or ongoing relationship with the brand. (The reason I am giving the lead away is because my pugs have matching red harnesses with matching red leads, which I just didn't want to replace. But it seems a shame that such a luxurious lead goes to waste!) 

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