Giving My Skincare Shelf a Spring Clean

Following on from my earlier post, Spring Cleaning My Make Up Stash, the Spring cleaning continues: I've been organising my skincare shelf and I'm getting rid of skincare I no longer want anywhere near my face. 
I bought this on holiday last Summer, I was tempted by the chic packaging and the promises on the back of it. But after one use, it was plain that this was going to be way too drying for my skin. It's very astringent. It's also very perfume-y, containing natural fragrances and dermatologist Dr Dray even commented on how the 'vitamins' in this formula are likely to be in such a weak concentration that the only purpose they serve is as fragrance.  So in short: a very astringent, perfume-y cleanser. No thank you! 

I didn't dislike using this at the time. I'm mostly getting rid of it because it's old now, it's past it's two year life span. It's such a huge tub that it was difficult to use up! But I'm also getting rid of it because it's so clear to see and smell how much of this is basically...thick, gloopy orange extract. A.K.A fragrance. This has so much potential for irritation, it's not going anywhere near my face again! 
Clay Masks 
I'm not partial to clay masks these days, so my Pixi Glow Mud Mask* and This Works Evening Detox Clay Mask are both headed for the bin. They still have product left inside, but to be fair I did get a fair few uses out of them. Clay masks can be useful for giving pores a 'deep clean' by absorbing excess sebum (oil) - perhaps minimise the appearance of pores - and help to control sebaceous filaments (those little 'blackheads' you get on your nose, that aren't blackheads.) But I find consistently using a retinoid and salicylic acid is more effective (more on that here), so applying clay to my face is quite useless, and only poses a risk for irritation (both of these masks I'm throwing out contain fragrance) and also dries out my skin.

I enjoyed using this for some time, but when I reflected on the ingredients it contains a lot of fragrance: like essential oils (which natural fragrance that are in them like limonene) as well as citrus extracts. Essential oils and other perfuming ingredients make up about half the ingredients list, sadly. I now use similar AHA/BHA products without the fragrance content (like Paula's Choice BHA Liquid.) 

This toner has it's perks: like glycerin for hydration, and cucumber extract, which is a potent anti-oxidant. But it also has fragrance and witch hazel, the latter is quite a complicated ingredient because it is often is very alcohol heavy, depending on how the ingredient is procured and how the product is formulated. But mostly, it's the fragrance that makes this a big no-no in my books. 
I was so excited to try this because I used to enjoy Pixi's Glow Tonic a lot (I use it less frequently now because of the fragrance content.) I haven't actually used this at all. One sniff of it and my god the fragrance content! It literally smells like a perfume. This will never go near my face. Sorry, Pixi!

This was my night oil for a while...during a time when my skin was aggravated. This may well have been a coincidence, but I am just throwing it out there. But the rose extract, arguably, is fragrance in and of itself... not to mention the other flower and citrus extracts found in the ingredients list. So this is off to the bin.
Siam Seas Beauty Balm
This was another product that, curiously, I was using when my skin wasn't very good. It's quite old now (it's been untouched for a while) but if I recall correctly, the reason I stopped using it in the first place was because I thought it was irritating. This is unsurprising, because it's basically a balm made of perfume. It contains basically all the essential oils. Why I ever let this near my face is something I'll never know...

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask 
My boyfriend bought this for me when we were on holiday a little while ago, I think that's why I kept it around for so long: the sentimental value. It contains some really good ingredients like niacinamide, oat extract, dimethicone and glycerin, and I have to confess I really like the avocado oil in it, it gives the cream that beautiful silky, oily (but not greasy) texture and it just feels instantly hydrating. Whilst I didn't discontinue use of this night cream because of irritation, the rest of the ingredients list - and it's a lengthy list - is so packed full of fragrance. Essential oils.. and lots of citrus and flower extracts... looking at the ingredients list makes me cringe because so much of it is just perfume!

Cleaning out my beauty stash has genuinely been fun and satisfying perhaps it's something you could do on lockdown, too?

Thank you for reading!

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