Spring Cleaning my Make Up Stash

Whenever I write about my beauty empties, I always emphasise that they're products I've used up to the very last drop. My point is that this isn't always the case. Here are some products that aren't empty, they still have life left in them... but are destined for the bin.

My make up stash is large. When I'm throwing away these products, it doesn't mean I'm left without - for example - a concealer, or a primer, etc. My stash grew as a result of, to be frank, me being a privileged millennial with a susceptibility to marketing and a disposable income. Topped up with a healthy flow of PR samples, it grew and grew and grew. (Sorry if that's a total brag!) Having been able to try so much make up has left me with an overflow; a surplus, and high standards. Some of these products are getting the boot because they may be old, expired, no longer have a place in my heart, or plain and simply: they weren't any good to begin with. The fact they haven't made it to the empties pile is kind of telling in itself, in a way. They clearly weren't good enough for me to use them so much I run out! So they'll find a new home in the bin (or, where appropriate, I'll pass it on to a friend who might enjoy it more than I did.) 

Such an icon, right? There's nothing wrong with this. It's achieved icon status for a reason! This has been sat in my primer drawer for a while, since I bought the newer version (the 'Pearl' iteration) I didn't find myself using the original as much. There's still some in the tube, but it's old, and not of use anyway. 

This was gifted to me in PR years ago! That's quite embarrassing - that it's still knocking around! It was alright, but obviously not enough for me to use it in regular rotation. I didn't dislike it, but it didn't wow me either. 

Bobbi Brown Foundations 
The exceptional Skin Foundation Stick (genuinely a brilliant foundation, the selfie I took wearing it was what won me an £800 Bobbi Brown voucher! I think that's why I've held onto it: the sentimental value) and the light, barely-there coverage Moisture Rich Foundation. They're old and, to be fair, they're both nearly empty. Bobbi Brown products tend to have a healthy 24 month life span (as in that's when they expire according to the packaging.) Both of these foundations are definitely at that point now. In fact the Moisture Rich Foundation seems to have actually been discontinued. I feel kind of gross admitting that, but to be fair - neither of them look or smell unusual and the last time I applied them, they performed as I would expect them to  (nor do I recall noticing a correlation between using these and breaking out.) But the fact is, they're past their prime, and it's time to say bye. 

Vichy^, YSL & Urban Decay Colour Correctors
I don't know what to tell you - I went through a phase! I loved the 'new' (to us plebeian consumers, anyway) concept of patch work make up. The Vichy colour correctors were definitely best value for money, the higher end options are fine, but not spectacular enough to warrant the price. But I simply don't wear as much make up these days, so I certainly don't need the extra 'layer'. I do use corrector concealers under my eyes but, when I do, typically that's pretty much my entire base. Not to mention, these have been in my stash way too long - it's time for the bin! It looks as though the YSL Neutralizers are being discontinued. 
This was another purchase for the colour correctors. I did say about a phase, didn't I?! This has a setting and brightening powder, colour correctors and a concealer. They were fine. The concealer and setting powder are 'standard' light flesh colour (I'm really sorry for calling it standard - I know it's not - but I know that you know exactly what kind of shade I'm talking about) so excludes anyone that doesn't have a light-medium skin tone. I took this palette on a couple of holidays but because I'd still need a concealer and translucent setting powder, it didn't add all that much convenience. It's been sitting in a drawer for a long time - unloved and unused - and, if I'm being truthful, kept around only because of the pretty exterior packaging. It's time to go.

Tarte Shape Tape x2
Tarte Shape Tape is very famous, and it is certainly one of the best full coverage concealers. I have two because I bought one and a back up - that's how much I liked this. However I just don't use (or need) full coverage concealers anymore. I'm actually more partial to a pot concealer these days. Both of these have some life left in them, but it's time to move on.

YSL All Hours Concealer
This is a nice enough concealer and most of it is used up. But it didn't especially stand out to me. Having not used it in a while, I couldn't give you a review now - I can't remember what it was like! I'm throwing it out because I haven't reached for it in a while, and it's probably expired anyway.

Clinique Chubby Stick Hefty Highlight
I'm throwing this away because I've acquired a new one. This one was barely used as it was (and is probably well past it's expiry date) so I never intended on getting another. But I ended up with it after buying an irresistibly good value Christmas gift set (which I bought for the take the day off balm and mascara.) This time around I really like it - probably because my make up these days is lighter, so I get on better with a sheer wash of understated highlight - which this balmy formula is perfect for. So whilst this stick is going in the bin very much unloved, the new one has a very happy home!

Pixi Head to Toe Glow-y Powder 'Wednesdays'*
This was sent to me in PR but it's just not my shade. As the name suggests, it's supposed to be a glow powder that can be used as a face and body highlight, blush and eyeshadow. It's quite a dark pink - which will never work as anything but an eyeshadow on my pale skin. It's seems silly to keep what would just be an eyeshadow this size. (I do, however, like this powder in the shade Fetch - which is more of a golden peach.) It's never been used, so I'll pass it onto a friend.

Estee Edit Pore Filling Primer, Flash Photo Powder & Bronzer
If you don't remember, Estee Edit was a branch of Estee Lauder that launched a few years ago, ostensibly to appeal to a younger audience, with Kendall Jenner as the face of this 'little sister' brand. I actually reviewed it here. Whilst I didn't think it was that bad (the blushes are actually really good, FYI) - to my memory, the entire Estee Edit line was discontinued without a trace only a year or two after launching - so I take it it didn't do very well.  I'm ditching the primer because it's definitely expired and I would never put that near my face again! Powders don't really expire (according to Lisa Eldridge, so I'm taking her word for it!) but the Flash photo powder - a blue powder to brighten - isn't something I'd use anymore anyway. I tend to go for more natural finishes so the super bright undereye  that was popular a few years ago isn't for me anymore. The bronzer was quite bad to begin with, it has quite a dry formula with barely any colour pay off, and I don't recall it ever being any different.

Morphe 35O
Oh Morphe. Morphe, Morphe, Morphe... it has it's merits. It's cheap. The products aren't terrible. But I bought this purely because of it being pushed by influencers, and my relationship with influencers (like Jaclyn Hill et al) has since soured. I'm quite embarrassed I fell into the 'influencer trap', but that's another blog post entirely. I'm actually not getting rid of this just because of that though - it's genuinely only been used a handful of times - then stuffed in a drawer. Grand smokey eye looks just aren't my style these days. If anything, give me a singular cream eyeshadow and I'm good to go. I have no need for a palette full of colours. So, Morphe... off to the bin with you!

Jouer Essential Matte and Shimmer Palette
Like I said, I don't need palettes anymore. The palettes I do have are very neutral and wearable (think the Norvina palette) but still, are only reserved for special occasions. This Jouer palette is, and always has been, bloody awful. I remember being excited to buy it so I've tried long and hard to make myself like it. But the fact remains that the powders are dry and don't offer much colour or consistency. Sorry Jouer, but this was crap.

Jouer Lip Creme 'Brique'
Jouer's liquid lipsticks are quite good - and potentially this could actually be going in an empties - but I think there's still some life left in it. This is old, well loved, but is now, for the most part, very dry. The formula has become like a stiff cream so it's not really useable anymore. The only reason I didn't put it in an empties is because the wand is still picking up colour every time, but the formula has degraded so much with use and time that it's not usable. I probably won't repurchase this, either. I don't need a new red lipstick.

I feel quite proud of myself that I threw this much out. It's been sitting in a drawer, very much forgotten about, and I've finally got around to taking a deep breath and chucking it in the bin. Will you be giving your stash a spring clean?

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