Trying Some New Make Up Whilst in Lockdown

I bought these newly released make up products when they first came out, but due to - you know, the obvious situation - being on lockdown, I haven't had an occasion to wear it. I just haven't been bothering with make up at all. 

I thought that, given the circumstances, any day offered as good a reason as any to wear make up! So I tried out a couple of new bits and I'm here to share my thoughts on them, with my massively too long fringe, hair full of dry shampoo and very well lived-in hoodie. 
"Pillow talk" is the latest shade in Charlotte Tilbury's line up of beauty light wands, a squeezable tube-to-puff liquid highlighter. The rosy shade is based on Charlotte's iconic lipstick shade. I've been a fan of Charlotte Tilbury's liquid highlighters for a while, and this one is no different. It's not a runny liquid, it has a nice creamy consistency. I really like the way the actual liquid applies, it's not too thick so layers on top of other product really well, without disrupting the base underneath. But I'm not a fan of the puff applicator, it's kind of redundant to me. I much prefer to apply product to the back of my hand then tap it onto the high points of my face with my fingertips. 
(Above: only Pillow Talk applied, no Georgia Golden Peach) 
This shade imparts a really pretty, flushed glow. I really like it. It also doesn't need setting with a powder, so you can get the most out of the liquid formula for a nice dewy effect. 

I'm a huge fan of the original, matte finish Hello Happy Foundation (review here) as well as it's successor, the Flawless Brightening version of Hello Happy (also reviewed, right here.) I haven't bought a new foundation in a while, even before the pandemic, so I was really excited to try this! It really doesn't offer any coverage, despite being described as 'medium coverage'. This doesn't bother me because at the moment I don't really need any coverage. I actually really liked the natural, skin-like finish: it looked just like my skin but perked up. I am genetically predisposed to large pores (something I've made peace with) and I can't say this foundation exaggerated them at all. It blended beautifully, with barely any effort. It's a very usable cream formula, with the perfect amount of 'slip' to it. It's very light weight and super comfortable to wear, it didn't feel like I had any foundation on! I didn't set this with a powder either, and found it held up well, it even lived through a sweaty bike ride. If you don't mind sheer coverage, I would definitely recommend this foundation!

This is definitely more of a highlighter-blush, with it's subtle shimmery finish and gorgeous coppery hue. I think this would actually suit a lot of skin tones. It's not intimidatingly golden, the peach definitely softens it. The shimmer isn't too chunky so as a blush it's flattering, it isn't garishly shiny or glittery. It's a nice highlighter/blush, I'd definitely recommend it (albeit perhaps not in conjunction with a cream highlight, as a pair they're a little too intense!)  
(Below: Pillow Talk layered with Georgia Golden Peach. Hence looking greasy, I don't usually double up on glow!) 

Thank you for reading!

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  1. That blusher is gorgeous, I'm a big fan of blushers that have a bit of a shimmer in them, especially for spring time! xx