April Skincare Empties

Happy May! It's almost nostalgic that I'm seemingly back at doing a serial monthly empties, given that I documented last months empty products not that long ago. 

I'm glad I've got back in the habit of really digging in to my stash and using up everything that's already there. I definitely went through a phase of getting sucked into marketing hype around new beauty launches, it was like I had an insatiable urge to try all the new things! Which seems absurd seeing as I had a sizeable skincare arsenal to begin with. I've actually been really enjoying deliberately using things up - though of course I recently gave my skincare shelf a Spring cleaning and binned quite a few bits! - and taking a critical eye to what I'm putting on my face.

I actually really enjoyed this! It's a no-nonsense creamy cleanser: it removes oil, dirt and make up very effectively, finishes cleansing with that nice clean feeling, but doesn't feel like it's harsh, drying or stripping my skin. It's also fragrance free so doesn't pose a risk for irritation and, actually, I found it very gentle on the skin both during and after cleansing.
Would I repurchase?
Not immediately because I'm set for cleansers, but I think yes, I will, in the future.

Omorovicza Cashmere Cleanser^
I loved this cleanser, too. It reminds me a lot of sudocrem - and I mean that in a positive way! It has that similar thickness and soft, creamy texture. Curiously, it also smells quite similar too. It just felt really nice - soft on the skin, very hydrating - it was a pleasure to use.
Would I repurchase?
No. It's far too expensive for, actually, a basic cream cleanser. It's only ending up down the sink and, whilst this product is very nice, I don't actually prefer it over any other cream cleansers. It is what it is, and it's not worth the price. 
I love this cleanser! It's shea butter based which gives it a gorgeous texture. It apparently has negatively charged particles embedded in the formula to attract pollutants to 'detoxify' your skin after it's been bombarded by our modern environment every day. This cleanser is very aromatic, however the natural fragrance in this doesn't bother me. Fragrance in a rinse-off formula poses less risk of irritation because of the short contact time.
Would I repurchase?
No need - Lixirskin very kindly gifted me a fresh one. In with the old and out with the new. 
I bought this in Germany last Summer. The feel of it is very similar to the Lixirskin one, actually. But it contains gold and silver, ostensibly because they're antibacterial, but I don't know if that's true. It also has less perfuming natural oils in it, and only contains rose. I suspect the concentration of oil is greater, despite the number of oils being less. This just didn't leave my skin feeling clean. I don't mean tight/dry - it just lacked that fresh after feeling. It always left me feeling just a little greasy.
Would I repurchase?
This wasn't strictly a bad cleanser, but I preferred all the examples of cleansers I mentioned above. So no, I wouldn't repurchase this one

In contrast to the cleanser, I liked this one a lot and it isn't oily (I noticed that the formulas contain different oils entirely.) It's quite a thick lotion so is totally adequate as one-and-done moisturiser. I personally loved to apply it straight after cleansing, onto wet skin so it locks in all the moisture. I let it settle for a bit then carry on with the rest of my routine. It's nice, especially if you're very dry.
Would I repurchase?
No. I actually prefer Hada Labo Super Hydrator Lotion, which is totally fragrance free (no plant oils) and has a smaller, more straight forward formula - with the powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid - that I think is much better.

Bobbi Brown Eye Cream 
This was a nice eye cream. It was very thick and balmy so was perfect for the winter months!
Would I repurchase?
No. I enjoyed it, but it didn't wow me. Plus, it contains fragrance. 
Kiehls Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil 
Kiehls was one of the bigger beauty brands to jump on CBD when it's effectiveness in skincare came to light. I bought this out of curiosity: was cannabis skincare a fad? I can safely say that it isn't. This was genuinely very, very effective at calming irritated (see: menstrual) skin and in general contributed to overall clear, smooth textured skin.
Would I repurchase?
No. I enjoyed it, but it didn't wow me. Plus, it contains fragrance. 

Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture
I said in this recent post that this was a pleasant surprise. Because it contains plant oils (and in general has a very lengthy ingredients list, suggesting lots of fragrance and 'filler' ingredient) but it was very enjoyable to use. It was soft, very hydrating, made my skin look really plump and healthy.
Would I repurchase?
Personally, no; on account of the fragrance content. But if fragrance doesn't bother you, you'll enjoy this. It's nice! 

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