Three pot concealers you need in your life

Cream concealers - colloquially known between us make up nerds as a 'pot concealer' - don't get anywhere near enough credit. You always hear people harping on about their liquid concealers; their Shape Tapes, their Nars Creamy. Great, but I am 100% pro-pot concealer.

When you want to conceal something, whether it be a spot, or a dark circle that gives away your secret that you're actually functioning on caffeine, it's tempting to reach for a full coverage foundation and just cover the whole lot. I know that's what I used to do, certainly when I had acne, it was just easier to cover everything. These days now that my skin is clear (I really hope I haven't jinxed it, it's been at least 6 months since my last break out!) I might only want to touch up under my eyes, or cover a little spot or two around my time of the month. I'm much more likely to go for a pot concealer, and have found it's actually a very effective way to achieve a flawless base. By using a light coverage foundation and then a pot concealer where you need it - and only where you need it - you get a true 'your-skin-but-better' flawless, but natural looking finish.
So step away from the full coverage foundation, put down your liquid concealer, and let's have a chat about creamy pot concealers.

For a light coverage...
If I just want to waken my face up with minimal effort, with nothing really to 'conceal' as such, I love Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Vanish Corrector. It's very light, with a beautiful soft, almost powdery feel to it. It offers a subtle 'lifted' effect under the eyes. This is perfect for 'no make up-make up' or if you don't particularly like the feeling of heavy make up under the eyes. Perhaps if you're particularly prone to concealer creasing in the under eye area, you'll enjoy this corrector a lot. This concealer - beautifully encased in a miniature gold compact - blends beautifully into foundation underneath but is also so light that you can apply it onto bare skin, and achieve a perked-up complexion with ease. You can see me wearing it in the pictures in this post, if you're curious.

For a medium coverage...
If I've had a really late night and the dark circles under my eyes need something a bit more heavy duty, Bobbi Brown's Corrector is perfect. I've used this product for years and it's brilliant. It comes in a range of shades which not only cater to different skin colours, but are varying tones of pink and peach specifically to neutralise and brighten dark circles. It's really effective, but also because the shades are all on the peachy/pink spectrum, it's very a very versatile corrector compared to correctors which just offer straight up peach, pink - or a scary looking red for dark skin tones. (Maybe just a red corrector is preferable to women with dark complexions, rather than a series of peachy/pinky/reddish undertoned browns? I wouldn't know, but I'm hazarding a guess that skin shades are more useful!) Because it offers good coverage and a range of colours, I find that it's great to use over spots by pin point concealing as well.

For full coverage...
Finally, this one is for that irritating bulbous spot (because it's definitely better to cover it with concealer and forget about it rather than start poking and prodding it and trying to pop it. Just saying.) The Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme by Becca Cosmetics is a total life saver when you've got a blemish you want to cover. It's thick, so I wouldn't recommend putting it under your eyes, it'll crease there. But it really packs a punch when you pat a little over that pesky spot. Just a tiny amount will suffice, so apply it as precisely as you can right on the blemish. I like to apply it using a flat concealer brush or even a lip brush, then blend it by very gently tapping around the edge with my finger. I only blend the 'edges' so that I get the full coverage right where I want it (and I don't find this looks messy at all.) Despite the thick consistency, this concealer blends like a dream. I also wear it alone without foundation underneath and it blends seamlessly even into 'blank' skin, so it really doesn't look like I'm wearing any make up, but I can still conceal what I want to hide. It's a very hardy concealer too, I've never known it to smudge or rub off, in fact it's held up against sweat and drunk crying (over dogs because I love them so much, just don't ask, okay?)

Switching out my liquid concealers for a pot concealer was a game changer for me, so I definitely recommend doing it. A few years ago the full coverage look was very on-trend, but I think we're past that now, aren't we? For natural looking, every day make up that's still flawless, a pot concealer is the way to go.

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