6 Beauty Products I'm Loving Right Now

I don't know about anyone else, but the first two weeks of June have literally flown by. I honestly don't even know what I've been doing. Lockdown must be making time feel weird. Given there's sweet FA to talk about, I just wanted to share with you some beauty products I'm really enjoying right now. 

This gel formula is quite unique, it's so silky to touch that you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for an oil. It's a very pleasant cleanser, leaves my skin feeling soft and clean but not dry and stripped. It rinses off really easily as well, I find sometimes gels can be quite stubborn and it feels like no matter how many times you wet your face there's still some stubborn straggling suds! (Say that 5 times fast...) The fragrance is very light, it reminds me of talcum powder - but just be warned if you have very sensitive skin that this does, obviously, contain perfume. 

Ostensibly this is touted as a full coverage foundation - and it is - but if you're like me and prefer a very light coverage foundation, don't be put off: this is one of my favourite foundations! Texture wise, it is like a paste - it's quite like a pot concealer. This is about as full coverage as it gets for me these days. I use it like a concealer, but one that goes a really long way. I really don't use a lot of product: I literally do a light dot on each cheek (or a tiny dot on a spot or dark mark I specifically want to hide, if there are any) and buff it out all over my face for a really flawless look. I find this technique covers everything I want to conceal, evens out my skin tone more effectively than a BB or CC cream, but it doesn't look like I'm wearing foundation. 

This is a cream highlighter. The initial coverage is sheer but the formula is very buildable. It doesn't become thick or uneven as it's layered, so I can keep patting on more if I want to intensify the glow. It's a really pretty coppery bronze and I've been enjoying this a lot!

This is an 'oldie but a goodie'. It's a flesh toned powder (it comes in a range of shades) that's a combination of subtle reflective, pearly particles and ceramic powder for a healthy glow. It's like a powder that picks up on the warmth in your skin for a sun kissed look without looking 'bronzed' as such? Hard to explain, but 'healthy glow' really says it all! 

I'm obsessed with this shade! It's a gorgeous brown under toned nude. The beautiful soft colour has some warmth in it, but it's not overpowering, just very flattering. With a beautiful demi-matte, slightly satin finish, this is my perfect every day lipstick. If only I had more occasions to wear make up! Antipodes lipsticks are lovely, I also have the shade 'Forest Berry Red'! 

I was looking for a leave-in conditioner for ever. I really wanted one that works on dry and wet hair. Most available to buy are wet-hair only, and many are rinse-off 'leave in conditioners' (which begs the question, how do they differ from a hair mask?) But this Super Milk Conditioning Spray from Lush works on dry and damp hair. I haven't been using it long enough to speak on any long term benefits, but it does make my hair instantly softer and - not quite 'hair straighteners in a bottle' - but it definitely does make my hair look noticeably smoother. My favourite thing however is the smell. It smells so. Bloody. Good! Like honey and vanilla but also warm and musky. The scent really lingers - I could even smell it on my hair the day after I used it. I would bathe my entire body in this if I could. 

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