May Staycation-themed Roccabox

To help curb our cravings for a much-needed spa trip or a day on the beach on one of the balearic islands, Roccabox delivered their Staycation themed box* in May - filled with all the goodies for an at-home pamper sesh. 

It's everything I needed to, as founder of Roccabox Tia said: stay fabulous, positive and beautiful! 

Charles Worthington Hair Healer Leave-in Conditioner 
As it happens, I'd just been on the hunt for a good leave-on conditioner, so I'm really excited to try this. I have high hopes because it contains argan oil, which my hair just drinks up. This no-rinse leave-in conditioner is to be smoothed into damp hair, so I think I'll use some after I next wash my mane, pop on a sheet mask and some whale noises and voila - who needs an expensive spa? 

MonuSkin Ginger and Lemongrass Bath and Body Oil 
I avoided this type of product for a long time. My home only has a shower (yes, I really miss a tub) so I felt like this sort of thing wasn't for me. I recently rediscovered an old favourite (Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil, if you're curious) and it turns out applying a body oil before you get into the shower is not only a pleasant experience (it makes the water feel really soft and silky!) it's effective at softening your skin, and is an excellent aromatherapy tool. Because the scent will linger on your skin even after you've washed off the oil, I find that, - for example - using a soothing fragranced oil (like lavender or ylang-ylang) at night time is helpful for getting a good nights sleep. Ginger and Lemongrass is a zingy and uplifting scent - I'm going to use this in my morning shower. Thanks to Roccabox, perhaps I'll discover a new favourite.  
Furr 3D Faux Mink Lashes
Because I have blepharitis (irritable skin on the eyelids) I can't wear false lashes, but for those who do, you'll be interested to know that these are handmade using the 'latest 3D fibre technology', last for up to 10 wears and are suitable for vegans! 

Vitamasques Rose Gommage Peeling Gel 
This is a very pretty millennial pink mask (yes, the gel is pink too!) This isn't a physical exfoliant so it's not abrasive and will be physically gentle on the skin. It's also contains emollients (skin softeners) and hydrators to work alongside the 'peeling' effect to reduce any potential irritation. However I wouldn't recommend it, whilst it's a very Instagram'able product, it has natural and artificial fragrance in it unfortunately, which could be troublesome to those with sensitive skin. 

Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50
This is a mineral sunscreen which is generally considered a better option for those with sensitive skin, and unlike purely chemical sunscreens, it will offer immediate protection from UV. It offers high SPF 50 protection as well as protection from pollutants (free radicals) thanks to it's anti-oxidant content (like vitamin C). Even if you are staying in to have a chilled 'staycation', you must remember to wear SPF. UVA can get through cloud cover and windows, so unless you do plan to be sat indoors in a dark room until well into the evening - do wear SPF!
Afterspa Make Up Remover Re-usable Cloth 
I love this! I ditched ordinary flannels a little while ago, and I subsequently saw a lot less irritation in my skin. Because normal flannels are evidently too abrasive for me, gentle polyester cloths like this one are brilliant. Admittedly I don't use it on it's own to remove make up because I always wear SPF underneath which will take oil to dissolve (which I like to follow up with a second cleanser to remove the oily residue.) I find cloths like this one a much better alternative as they're so much softer. It feels more luxurious as well, to add to the at-home-spa feel! And if you're using make up wipes at the moment, there's so many reasons why you shouldn't - they're filled with irritating fragrance, drying alcohol and are bad for the environment, to name a few - so I highly recommend you switch to a re-usable cloth like this one ASAP!

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