The best places to shop beauty online

I've been thinking on the future of shopping in-store for beauty products. It's going to be so different: will we still be able to use testers? I like to swatch before buying, you know. Will counters still be doing demos?

Although yes, I do realise that this is kind of bad timing seeing as shops are now opening again, my point is that shopping for beauty products is going to be different now. It's going to be difficult to get a good idea of the quality of a product, how it feels and how it performs if we're not able to physically touch it or try it in-store. (I'm curious to see if we'll see a resurgence in the popularity of beauty bloggers and vloggers who share reviews and demos?) In the interests of hygiene and convenience, it's probably going to be best to shop online. So I thought I'd share my favourite ways to shop beauty online. 
Look Fantastic
Look Fantastic is one of my favourite online beauty stores because it has such a varied range of products and offers. They stock a tonne of brands and their outlet section is always quite large. To top it off, they nearly always have some kind of discount running, they currently have an active 10% off code but I've seen this fluctuate even higher. You can get £5 off your first order if you shop via my link.*
Additional savings: Lookfantastic's cash back offers on Quidco are quite a high percentage, right now you can earn up to £20! You can sign up to Quidco here.*

Space NK 
Space NK is also a good place to shop for very high end, luxury beauty. That in itself sort of invalidates my critique that there's a minimum spend of £40 for free delivery, but that is the added caveat. However, if you shop via my link here you can get £10 off a £40 spend and still bag the free delivery.* Space NK's N.Dulge rewards programme is also pretty good to rack up rewards quite quickly, and you can also save them up to get quite a decent discount. But mostly, I've found Space NK's online and phone customer service excellent. You get through to an actual person straight away, and in my experience they are very understanding, helpful and very generous when it comes to compensating for any inconvenience. 
I think Feelunique is my favourite online store. Although my one criticism of them is that their promotional gifts are pretty poor, spending over £130 to get a bag of miniatures (see: samples - which by the way are not worth £170) is not a good deal lol. That aside, I think it's easy to get good value for my money when shopping here. For starters, FeelUnique is on Airtime Rewards which is a great incentive to shop here because I get cash back to put towards my phone bill. I also find using FeelUnique's loyalty programme gets me discounts in quite a short amount of time. They also offer a 10% Brand for Life Programme: select your favourite brand, and always receive 10% off when purchasing their products. My Brand for Life is Paula's Choice, so whenever I repurchase my BHA Liquid, my discount knocks it down to £20. Delivery is free on orders £20 or over, which is a relatively low minimum spend compared to other online stores. 
Additional savings: FeelUnique's Quidco offers are always really good, you can get around 5% of your order in cash back, which does add up quickly. You can sign up to Quidco here.*

Directly From The Brand
If you spot something you want from, just as an example, Charlotte Tilbury or Nars - try checking out the deals on the brands own website. Often they'll have really great incentives, like decent free gifts and private discounts for newsletter subscribers (even if you sign up that day!) Right now Nars have a 20% off sale, and I often see them giving decent sized miniatures of their products as free gifts (like actually good sized.) Charlotte Tilbury has a 22% off sale - so it's worth taking a look at the brands own website to see what they're up to.  

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Disclaimer: I don't have any formal affiliations with any of these retailers, however links marked with * are refer a friend links which means I'll also get discount or voucher on my next order if you shop via my link. Images contain press samples. 

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