5 Small Changes to my Shower Time that Make a Big Difference

"I love showers. It's my happy place." says the fictionalised version of Piper Chapman in the opening of the very first episode of Orange Is The New Black... same. I've recently made five little changes to my shower routine that have resulted in comparatively big benefits, so I thought I'd share...
Wash my face in the shower (no flannels, too rough!)
In the past, I'd wash my face at the end of the day at the sink, using a flannel. When we experienced that heatwave in March, I got into the habit of having a cool shower at the end of the day, and I was washing my face in the shower just for the convenience. I found my skin improved a lot in terms of blemishes and appearance, which I think is thanks to taking flannels out of the picture: they're just too rough! Perhaps it's because I'm heavy handed by nature (true) but I realised that flannels are just too abrasive on my face. Since just using my hands to rinse cleanser off of my face whilst in the shower, I have noticed fewer blemishes and less noticeable inflammation and redness. I think washing my face in the shower is much gentler and I'm really reaping the benefits. If I'm removing make up, I'll use Clinique Take The Day Off Balm, wipe gently with the Afterspa Make Up Remover* cloth which is much softer than traditional flannels - then I'll apply a gel or cream cleanser (to remove oily residue) and jump straight in the shower to rinse it off.

Using volumising shampoo and conditioner 
I have very thick hair, and I'd always steered clear of 'volumising' products because I associated it with heavy and hard-to-manage thickness. I was recently sent the new Percy & Reed Turn Up The Volume Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner* and how I can't believe how much I was missing out on! 'Volumising' doesn't exaggerate the thickness of my hair like I thought it would (I was picturing something akin to a lions mane) rather, it gives my hair fuller body. It makes it look healthy and bouncy, when it used to look quite flat. It's made quite a difference that I'm really happy with!
Washing with a lavender scented body wash before bed
Believe it or not, using a lavender scented body wash in an evening shower really is relaxing. I'm enjoying using the Radox Lavender & Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Body Wash - it has a lovely warm, relaxing fragrance in a silky gel formula. And I genuinely find it helpful for winding down before bed, so highly recommend it.

Finish with a cold shot
I was once under a neurologist that told me to stand under cold water for 10-30 seconds after a hot shower because it lowers your blood pressure. It's advice I remembered recently and I forgot how pleasurable it is. A cold shower doesn't always sound inviting, but after standing for 5 minutes under hot water, it is absolutely heavenly. I actually look forward to my end of shower cold shot, it feels so good and I can't exaggerate how much I think everybody should try it!
Buying a reusable razor and quality blade cartridges
If you're in a position to invest in a proper razor, do. There's so much wrong with disposable plastic razors: they cut you to shreds, the blades blunt so quickly (even with the more expensive plastic razors) and they're bad for the environment! At the moment I'm using Friction Free Shaving and I initially didn't get on with it: I found that the blade attachment was flimsy and so it'd come flying off with even a slight amount of pressure, making it impossible to shave. After posting a negative review on Instagram, FFS reached out and offered to replace the handle because they thought it sounded faulty (although there was absolutely nothing visibly 'wrong' with it) and I have to say the new handle is much better. It still doesn't offer as much flexibility as other brands (but still 100x more than disposable/short term use razors!) so I don't think I'll stay with FFS much longer - I much prefer Dollar Shave Club, if I'm honest. But whichever brand you choose to buy from, I do highly recommend getting a sturdy metal razor that takes reusable blades. Your purse may take hit with the first purchase, but you save money in the long term, as well as being kinder to your body and the planet.

Thank you for reading!

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