3 Body Care Favourites

Summer just whizzed passed us this bizarre year, hasn't it? I could have sworn in previous years that the warm weather was with us right through to early September, but with a literal week of torrential rain in the last week of August, it feels like Autumn is already well and truly here.

And most of us will know that dry skin follows cooler weather. Whoopee. So I wanted to share some body care favourites I'm currently loving. 

To get off dry flakes for silky smooth skin, I use this Beauty Pie body scrub. Coming in at a very reasonable £13 and pennies for a luxury product (in case you didn't know, Beauty Pie uses the same labs as high end brands to produce like-for-like products without charging an arm and a leg for them!) which is an excellent exfoliant and, in general, is very pleasant to use. I love using it as part of my shower routine, the salt grains aren't too abrasive so it actually feels quite soft for a scrub - as odd as that may sound - and it turns into a milky and silky soft oil as it's massaged into skin with water. The smell is honestly it's biggest selling point for me. Fragranced with orange, lemon and tonka bean makes for a gorgeous zesty but warm scent, and you can also really smell the Mango and Papaya (used for their smoothing enzymes) and coconut milk (a hydrator). You could imagine you're sat on a beach with a fruity cocktail and drenched in Vanilla-scented sun screen. I love it. 
This is my go-to body moisturiser at the moment. Just an FYI, Pixi say you can use it on your face, but I found it broke me out (potentially a fragrance irritation?) so I wouldn't recommend doing that. With that being said, it's perfect for on the body. With a coconut oil and shea-butter base, it's excellent at moisturising skin. The formula is light weight, non-greasy, absorbs quickly (I tend to apply it before getting dressed and before bed, and it's not sticky on clothes or sheets) and the fragrance is lovely and subtle. 

Okay so this isn't a moisturiser obviously, so not relevant to my little preamble, but I have to tell you about this. It's bloody amazing. This time last year I'd have sworn I'd never have paid £18 for a deodorant but this, to be slightly dramatic, has changed my life. It literally stops me sweating. Sweat who? It also has a cooling sensation which is really pleasant, and it lasts too. I can't recommend this enough, but especially if you are a sweaty person (whoever said men perspire and ladies glow is a bloody liar) because it's incredibly effective. It's scented with lavender and bergamot - a fragrance that lingers - but it's quite a nice smell and not overpowering. The only problem is that I now associate those two scents with armpits, I smelled a bergamot candle and thought it smelt of sweat hahaha. 

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