May/June Empties

More products I've completely used up! ... Am I the only one still doing these types of posts? 

Let's dive in at the first step: 


We're always told to stay away from "foaming" cleansers (a warning that can sometimes be overzealous, but that's for another day) and I think this cleanser probably gets overlooked because of that - I know I certainly wasn't initially drawn to it because of the word "foam" in the name. But this isn't foaming - it is foam - and it doesn't have any of the negative connotations of a 'foaming' cleanser either. It starts literally like a bubbly mousse, and then melts into a gel. It's not drying, but it's quite astringent in a good way. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, but not uncomfortable or tight. I also had consistently good skin whilst this was in my skincare routine. The only downside is that it's very perfume-y. The scent is reminiscent of walking through the fragrance department in John Lewis. I didn't have any reaction to it, but fragrance allergies can develop spontaneously - so I may not be as lucky next time, though I definitely did enjoy it this time
Would I repurchase?
No, based on the fragrance content.  Oh, and, did I mention it's very expensive (over £50?!) 

This doesn't need any introduction - it's famously one of the best cleansing balms on the market: fragrance free, oil based, effective make up remover. I would recommend this to everyone, it's brilliant. 
Would I repurchase?
No need because I already had a back up in the stash! 

This was okay. I have nothing in particular bad to say about it (except some fragrance, obviously) but it's mud based, supposedly for a deep cleansing effect. I liked it because it's quite a basic cleanser, no singing or dancing; honest about not being able to remove 4 layers of sunscreen, not promising any miracles. It contains some oils (like avocado oil) that give it a nice soft texture, and they aren't sensitising as a fragrance due to the short contact time with the skin. 
Would I repurchase?
I'm very neutral. If I see it on offer or it's in a gift set - I may pick it up. I'm not running to the nearest shop to repurchase, but it's certainly not a product I'll avoid

As ever, I'm always coated in especially thick coat around this time of year. I've used up two over the past couple of months: first up is Ultrasun Face SPF50+, definitely a firm favourite of mine - this must be the third or fourth bottle I've been through. It's very reasonably priced - I always get it for £20 at Feelunique, and that includes free delivery! It has a very nice texture and finish, I actually really enjoy the way it makes my skin look. More recently, though, I've finished Skinceuticals Advanced Brightening UV Defence* which, in comparison, has a much lighter formula and is definitely more transparent. I like the way this one made my skin look, too - noticeably brighter and smoother. It really is brilliant, but it's very expensive: the Ultrasun SPF is literally half the price and nearly double the amount of product. The Skinceuticals SPF is better, but £20 better? I'm not so sure. 
Would I repurchase?
I would honestly repurchase both. For now, my staple is definitely Ultrasun Face - which I've actually already bought another tube of - but, if I have the budget, I would absolutely splurge and buy Skinceuticals UV Defence. 
Other Skincare 
Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment
I have spoken about this before. It's a cream for your lips. It's intensely hydrating and softening, I suffer from chronic dry lips, so I really did find this helpful. It's very expensive but if you really don't like having dry lips, this is a good investment. This one lasted me a very long time (maybe the best part of a year?) so it's not actually terrible value for money.
Would I repurchase?
At the moment I can't afford to splash nearly £50 on, essentially, a lip balm (albeit a very good lip balm.) 

This affordable little gem is so slept on! It a concentrated shot on niacinamide, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient and is really good for healing hyper pigmentation. Like, miracle ingredient. This £5 tube does more for reducing redness and inflammation in spots than any of the more expensive salicylic acid based products, or other niacinamide products that are upwards of 10 times the price. And the results are really dramatic. I had a very red, bulging spot (I was a bit scared of it, to be honest with you) and I went make up free, and re-applied this around 5 times a day - every few hours - and by the next day this huge, intimidating pimple that practically had its own pulse had deflated into a small, flat disc. I also continue to use this on the dark marks left behind by spots to continue to reduce the inflammation and promote healing.
Would I repurchase?
Always. If you get spots ever - even if it's just on your period (lucky mare) - you need to have a tube of this handy! 

This body cream smells so bloody delicious. It smells sugary and fruity, like papaya with hints of coconut. It has a very pleasant wet-like texture, and absorbs into the skin very quickly for quite a pleasant appearance. 
Would I repurchase?
It's not that I wouldn't, it's that I'll never need to. As a woman, I am literally inundated with body moisturisers come birthdays and Christmas - I have no need to purchase body moisturisers! 
I'll let you guess what prompted this purchase (hint: covid!) I bought this when hand sanitiser was still scarce (remember those days?) and I'm glad I did, this is quite a pleasant alcohol spray to use. It contains essential oils - obviously as perfumes - and I'm about to sing their praises (shock horror). I've always had the bad habit of touching my face, but it's far outweighed by my aversion to essential oils. Putting essential oils on my hands is a very good incentive to stop touching my face. I'd definitely recommend this one if you like a nice hand sanitiser (though obviously a basic, vodka smelling one is always going to be just as good) although some people can be allergic to essential oils, even on their hands. So if you have sensitive skin or eczema, perhaps avoid. 
Would I repurchase?

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. I used to use the Ultrasun face suncream all the time! It's brilliant isn't it! xx

  2. Love to see your empties haha!