Gadgets I Never Knew I Needed

I can't confess to ever being into tech. Though, to be fair, I was slightly addicted to my Nintendo DS as a child, I've never been that fussed about gadgets. I've never been that person that has to have the latest console, iPhone or tablet. I'm just not that arsed. Having said that, I have been using these gadgets lately that I don't think I could ever be without now! 

Cellular iPad 

My mum is addicted to her iPad and I've never been that way with mine. To be honest, I never used my old (wi-fi only) iPad that much, nor this one before I got the SIM set up. It can't do anything my phone can't do, and doing everything on my phone is so much more convenient. Here's where the iPad really came into it's own: I live very rurally with very, very poor wifi. I rely entirely on my 4G, and I found I was running out of data every month because I was so dependent on my phone. The culprit was mostly streaming Youtube and Netflix - go figure. I got a SIM for my iPad, so now I exclusively stream videos on it, using my 4G so I can actually watch videos with decent quality and without buffering. I pay £10 a month for 30GB of data, which is plenty for all of the video content I consume. I use Smarty, on a plan I'm not tied into and can cancel at any time - and their prices are very reasonable, so I highly recommend them. You can get £10 free credit with Smarty if you sign up via my unique referral link

Soundcore Wakey 

I was gifted the Soundcore Wakey for Christmas last year (it was top of my wish list, no less) - a radio, bluetooth speaker, alarm clock hybrid. That sounds kind of boring on the surface of it, doesn't it? I initially wanted a bluetooth speaker in my bedroom because the speakers on my iPhone are shot away, and I couldn't listen to my ambient sounds or guided meditations that help me sleep. Given it was going to be in my bedroom anyway, a speaker-alarm clock seemed a no brainer, and the fact it's quite a stylish matte white was definitely a bonus. It also has a wireless charging pad, which is quite fast as wireless charging goes. But the biggest selling point on the Wakey for me, and certainly the reason I can't live without it, is the built-in "Superior Sleep" setting. 

Controlled from an app on my phone, I can customise my own ambient noise to help me get a better nights rest. The ability to customise the time and sounds makes it better, in my opinion, than the other white noise/sleep apps available. Using the app, I can also select my radio station, set my alarm, as well as control the LED display, which is fully customisable - with a particularly handy sleep mode which switches off all the lights between the hours I set. 

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch 

Believe it or not, that is a smart watch. Designed to look like a traditional watch but with customisable apps, which, in turn, you can control how they are displayed via the Fossil App. My watch face is set to display the date, chance of rain, my steps and active calories. As another example, my boyfriend has no apps displaying on his, so it looks just like any other analogue watch, but he accesses his data from within the app. 

Using my Fossil Hybrid watch, I can play music on my phone, check notifications (I have BBC notifications turned on, so I can see all the Corona updates on my watch!), see the weather, track workouts, heart rate and sleep. It's really handy to have and it's definitely made me more aware how of inactive I was and persuaded me to walk more, as well as made me more mindful about how much - or little - sleep I'm getting and helped me to improve my bedtime routine. Despite obviously the biggest selling point being the smart capabilities, it's genuinely a very nice, stylish yet sturdy watch. 

Simple Human Mirror

I love my Simple Human mirror. It's a sensor-controlled light-up mirror, which is so useful. I used to work late evening shifts, and in the Winter months, when the time came to do my make up for work, it was so dark that I struggled to find decent lighting to get ready in. This completely fixed the problem, I honestly have no idea how I coped without it before! It's magnified - but in a practical way, not in a terrifying way! I'd typically run for the hills when I hear 'magnifying mirror' haha, but this is genuinely very useful. It also handily doubles as a ring light for well-lit selfies - just saying. 

Thank you for reading! 

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