September Beauty Loves

On a totally non-beauty related note before we dig into my September beauty favourites, I am loving the weather right now! We've had the perfect blend of cosy rainy days - for that real Autumn feel - balanced with cool sunny days so we can actually venture out for some crunchy-leaf-under-foot goodness. This is  my favourite time of year! But I digress. 

Before I get ahead of myself and get over excited about spooky season, check out what beauty products I've been loving through September: 

Selfie below:
hair styled with soft bristle brush 
wearing Pixi MatteCocoa as eye liner 

My favourite every day hairstyle is definitely loose, relaxed curls. I want to look effortless, but a little more than just-rolled-out-of-bed. When using my traditional paddle brush, I found I had to do two 'rounds' of curling with my GHD Curve Curl Tong. One to get the initial curls, then brush them out - followed by another whip round with the curlers to tighten them up again to achieve a happy medium. This was just too much effort for an everyday hairstyle. I find that using a soft bristle brush is much easier, it brushes the tight curls out enough to achieve the relaxed waves without loosening them too much. It's cut my styling time in half and definitely worth having a soft bristle brush in your haircare arsenal. 

The texture of this is initially off putting, it feels too jelly-ish and soapy, I expected it to be very astringent and harsh. But to the contrary, it's very gentle. Non-foaming, rather it turns quite milky when massaged into the face with water. It feels very hydrating - that's probably the algae - and doesn't leave my face feeling tight or dry, just clean. Without feeling like it's stripping all the moisture from my skin or scrubbing it to smithereens, I have noticed that my pores do look less noticeable and clearer (when using this as part of a routine of products that are also geared towards clear skin.) It's lovely and refreshing and I use this both as an AM cleanser and as a second step to my oil cleanser in the evening. I highly recommend this, it's a perfect straight forward cleanser, with no overzealous promises to make you look 10 years younger or rid your face of pores entirely, it's just a cleansing jelly that does exactly what it says on the tin. Well, tube.
It's been a while since I've fallen in love with an eye cream, but I've been loving using this one lately. In a very light weight formula, it blends into the eye really nicely for a soft-to-touch and nourished, hydrated under eye area. I wouldn't describe the appearance as 'bright' but my eyes definitely look lifted, more awake, and healthier. 
I think I've found my favourite moisturiser of all time! Hada Labo's Skin Plumping Gel is a transparent, bouncy, fragrance free (!!!) gel moisturiser that is a perfect hydrator for every day. It applies really well, is quick to absorb into the skin and offers an instantly noticeable change in the appearance of my face: my skin looks smooth and well rested with a hint of dewiness to it. It moisturises really well and I've noticed using a daily moisturiser sans perfume has made all the difference to my skin, I get little to no break outs these days, and I can't recommend this enough. 
I don't know why I've been so quick to dismiss glycolic acid in the past. I think because of it's reputation of exfoliating the surface layer of the skin, I thought it wouldn't be as useful as 'deeper' exfoliants like BHAs. I don't really know what I expected from this, but I definitely didn't have high expectations. But this is absolutely brilliant. With 10% glycolic acid (that's strong, by the way) in a lotion formula, after just one night I noticed my skin tone was more even. This does literal wonders for post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (the red patch left behind after a spot) and I can't recommend it enough. Alternating this with a BHA every other night has helped me achieve the clearest skin of my life, not to mention smooth, soft skin. I highly, highly recommend this if you're concerned with pigmentation, scarring, or uneven, rough skin texture. 

Make Up 
I've raved over and over about pot concealers in general, but Bobbi Brown's corrector has been my top pick lately. I much prefer a corrector to concealer for a natural 'no make up-make up' look. This has a barely-there balmy, almost waxy consistency but very easy to blend by tapping gently around the under eye area with a finger. It blends in so well that I happily wear this with no other scrap of make up just to perk my face up a bit. It sits like a second skin but offers excellent coverage for dark circles and in general evens out skin tone. I don't find it creases at all which makes it perfect for every day. It's thin enough that applying concealer over the top for additional brightening and coverage works well, but in my experience the corrector alone gets everything done, so I don't think you even need to think about concealer.  
I have been really loving this eye shadow stick lately. Thanks to it's dark, neutral brown shade and soft matte finish, it works perfectly as an eyeshadow or as an eyeliner. I have used it all over the lid for some soft smoke, but my favourite way to use it is to apply it close to my lash line like a liner, then smudge it out with a pencil brush for some subtle definition to my eyes - perfect for every day make up. The shade is so perfect for this! And it wears really well, it doesn't move and I don't notice any fading, either. It's definitely worth having a matte brown shadow stick in your make up stash, they're so versatile - and I highly recommend this Pixi pick! 

Thank you for reading! 

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