Beauty Products I Didn’t Like

It's been quite a while since I did a post like this! I'm always trying new things, and obviously I don't like all of them. These are products I didn't like so much that I put them aside to talk about later...

This is a fancy no-lather shampoo that's supposed to keep your hair healthy by leaving out the stripping element associated with lathering ingredients. I found that despite completely rinsing my hair of product, this would leave my hair looking so greasy. I’d find myself using dry shampoo literally after I’d just dried my hair. This product had quite a hefty price tag - certainly more than I’d usually pay for shampoo - which only rubbed salt into the wound that this was so bad. 
Pixi has definitely got a lot of cleansers right, they make some of my favourite facial cleansers of all time, but they got this one so wrong. Supposedly 'hydrating'? This is one of the soapiest, most astringent cleansing formulas I have ever used. It left my face feeling so dry and tight and was extremely drying and irritating around my eyes. It wasn't good at all. I used it once, put it in the back of the drawer and never used it again. Sorry, Pixi. 
I can’t say I ever actually experience puffy eyes, no matter how little I’ve slept. So I don’t really have a need for these, however they can be nice as a ‘self care’-esque treat. Or so I thought. These stung my eye areas, made them feel like they were burning, itchy, and caused redness. It went down quite quickly but... hard pass. 

I had such big expectations for this, with a short, snappy and promising ingredients list (cucumber, hyaluronic acid, no fragrance...) I actually raved about it online and started recommending it before I'd even used it (and yes I had clarified that, don't worry, I wasn't misleading you!) because the ingredients were so impressive. I was genuinely excited to try it for myself, but I couldn't get past the first use. I’m not sure what ingredient I had a reaction to, but this was another one that caused a burning sensation, redness and irritation to my under eye area. I had to wash it off straight away. I'm not casting any aspersions, but Love Jamila seems to have moved away from skincare now, and they're only selling lifestyle bits and bobs like candles and prints. 
I love Antipodes, I really do. All of their products contain fragrance (or at least all of the ones I've used)    but this is on another level. As soon as you take the lid of it's like a perfume factory. Close your eyes and you'd be forgiven for thinking you're in the perfume aisle of House of Fraser. I tried it anyway, and whilst I didn't see any irritation immediately after application, it only took using it a couple of days in a row for me to start notice spots and some redness. Off to the bin she goes... 

I bought this on recommendation from YouTube’s best dermatologist (at least, in my opinion) Dr Dray. It definitely sounds excellent, being sans fragrance and full of moisturising ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid. The texture is beautiful smoothy, heavy and rich. The problem was, it was a little too rich for me. I persisted with this for a long time (because I stupidly bought the largest tub available anticipating that I would love it) but the formula is too heavy, it just feels sweaty and sticky and I didn’t like it. It didn’t just feel sticky, it was sticky; everything would cling to my face, a bit of fluff off my jumper, a stray eyelash, dry shampoo residue off my fringe... it was a real struggle to move them! I did notice some breakouts and irritation when I was using this as well, which I chalk up to the heavy formula, and apparently some people struggle with fatty alcohols in products (and this does contain fatty alcohols) so perhaps they were also a culprit. I now use it as a body moisturiser, but it’s a shame it didn't like my face. 
Another CeraVe moisturiser! I know, I know. I wanted to give their moisturisers another chance and I loved the sound of a fragrance free moisturiser with salicylic acid. I use salicylic acid regularly to prevent break outs, I've been using salicylic acid for a long time and I know it's an ingredient that works well for me and I've never experienced any irritation before. However I did find some problems with this. I experienced the same basic problem as the non-SA cream: it was too heavy, it felt cloying and clammy, but now with the unwelcome addition of a stinging sensation and skin reddening which I'm assuming is down to the salicylic acid. It surprised me not only because I've never had a problem before, but because this is advised for AM and PM use (acids tend to be PM because they can increase photo sensitivity) so I supposed that the acid may be in quite a weak percentage. And it still burned like crazy! After not liking this as well, it starts to make sense that CeraVe obviously use an ingredient in their moisturisers that my skin just doesn't tolerate at all, and combining it with an acid was just a recipe for disaster for me. 

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. sucks that these products don't work for you. i heard some good reviews about them x

    erin x |

  2. Surprised by some of these.. the Antipodes gel worked a treat for me! It's great to see what doesn't work for others though xx

    Lucy |